A guy who is loved by many. He comes off as being an athletic all around good guy. When you really get to know an Anthony though, you realize that beneath the good guy exterior, he is actually selfish asshole. Never date an Anthony, for he will break your heart and not think twice about it. It is much better to keep Anthony as a distant friend, for when you become close with one it will only cause trouble.
"Remember when you dated Anthony?"

"Yeah, worst time of my life"
by candykisses01 August 18, 2012
a total fucking tool, someone you wanna take by their head and bang it off the fucking wall he is so stupid he was out smarted by a 5th grader he is so fucking stupid it physically hurts the other person when they talk to him
i was just talking to a anthony
by cptclutch March 27, 2015
A dick
Anthony's such a dick
by A44y1234 November 10, 2014
Retard trouble maker that can't do anything.
Wow he is such an anthony.
by Thetruth141 October 19, 2014
Junkie-Ass trap lord. Who smokes a lot of piffery. He hates to get tickled. And he loves to say yeezus. He screams out car windows, and kinda looks like a puppy. And at the end of the day he's a fag. He does a lot of bad deeds.
Person 1- "dude you know where we can get some piffery?"
Person 2- "yeah, we can go to Anthony's place! He always has piffery!"
by Dickswizzle July 28, 2014
A Jew that thinks he will get "V", but in reality, only gets "Uglies".
I get all the bitches, unlike that "Anthony" over there.
by Foi See Forever June 07, 2014
Verb. The act of being a total asshole who cant understand why a nice girl might actually like you so you treat her like crap.

noun. The name of th guy who I'm not cool enough to hang out with.
Damn, why arent you talking to him?
He's totally acting Anthony.
by whiteside45 January 25, 2014

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