tall handsome thin guy, likes them short blondes that have sassieness and can be stubborn. loves his girl, may flirt with other girls alot but knows he needs to stop. can make mistakes in his relationship, but can always make it better by being corny, kisses on the forehead and cheek, giving flowers and teddy bears. he likes girls that are nice, polite, funny, knows how to have a good time and wont take peoples crap at all. anthonys are a girls dream guy. they work great with girls that have a name starting with the letter L
wow hes hot..what an anthony
did u see anthony? he was with that short blonde
aww he kissed you forehead...thats an anthony move
by flirtyanthony July 26, 2011
an immature man that has an, overall, great high school experience, there he; is popular, is athletic, dates a rather popular girl, and leads on to be smarter than he is. He is naive, emotionally handicapped, and secretly insecure. He doesn't know what he wants and, with close observation, resembles a lost and helpless puppy. These unattractive qualities remain unseen by most because he strives to become socially accepted to mask his inabilities. he becomes socially accepted and, when inside that circle, he covers the Sun with his thumb. At the end of the day, high school has come to an end and now every thing seems harder. He is left with what seems to be a subtle, everlasting, sense of loneliness and a nasty smelling penis.
GOSSIP GIRL: Hey, Maria, I heard Anthony might have a penis infection! And everyone in his old high school seems to think he's caught some sexually transmitted disease from you, because of your... reputation.

MARIA: Oh, don't worry about it! Im sure he's fine. He probably just hasn't washed. He's to strong to catch any of the diseases i carry. Ha ha, he's a ROCK!!
by soapandrubb3rducky June 16, 2011
Nice but then mean, usually changes, two faced, has a butt chin.
Ugh, Anthony is so moody.
by piggiepie101 July 09, 2016
a potato in bed
Goddammit Chelsea, Anthony really lives up to his name after last night...
by Charles333 July 20, 2016
A complete weirdo. Even more weird than his girlfriend. Who is not weird.
He is such an Anthony
by Unicorn_Sofa November 06, 2015
a really nice guy at first and really cute but can be a player be careful, he can make you feel special and dump you.
Girl 1. Did you hear Anthony is with that new girl
Girl 2: no they just broke up. He moved on
by hatincertainpeople June 24, 2015
Anthony is a little Nigerian bitch who has no friends, no enemies, he is just a small, out of place no-named guy that gets anything he wants.

An Anthony will like wrestling, mainly wrestling, and is interested in nothing but that. He also has a big nose and big ears.
"Hey Anthony, how are you!"
"I don't have any friends, who are you?"
by JSausage June 06, 2015
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