A guy who uses many people to do his dirty work for him, then retreats into the background, pretending to be the good guy when the reality is, he is the evil mastermind behind EVERYTHING. His schemes are wicked evil, but he doesnt give a fuck as long as he gets what he wants. He is thus very selfish and egocentric. Secretly hates women, compares them to dogs, sees them as his "property". Also an animal abuser. Probably will also be a child abuser. Has no game, tries to get at this particular girl relentlessly via covert/clandestine/wicked methods because he doesnt have the balls to ask her out! This is because he is very insecure and doesnt think that the girl will ever say yes if he doesnt FORCE her to be in a relationship with him. He even spies / stalks on her and even makes up lies about her personal life to better control her when the reality is, theyve never even gone out on a date! They were in the same class for one semester, like are you for real, crazy stalker. Youre the crazy one, not her. She just wants to live in peace. Stop making her life a living hell when she so obviously Hates your guts.
Anthony: I love megan so much she is soooo amazing
Random person: Do you even know her? Oh wait you do, because you read her online diary and are pretending to be her boyfriend so that no other guy can get at her!
by hellolovelypeople August 18, 2013
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Sexy,Cute and all round smooth talker.

Anthony has been mentioned as one hunk of a Sex God.

Due to this increasingly used term for anyone being good in bed, it has made its self known within the streets!
Bird: Holy Hell, That was just one Anthony experience!

Dude: Oh i do my best ;)
by Ant Toe Knee December 15, 2007
veryy attractive young man, athletic, sexy, great body, nice, genuine, sweet, hes the whole package
That boyy is such an Anthony!
by kingmaa November 10, 2008
Anthony is "The Good Guy." He's friendly with everyone unless you do something negative to provoke him... Then WATCH OUT because his anger is fierce. He can and will kick your ass. He runs circles around you in steal-toe boots since he's an awesome runner. He's not shy, loves to be social, and has a booming voice so everyone knows when he's speaking. If you're in a jam - he'll try and help you out. He's very affectionate, very loyal, is an excellent best friend and even better lover! He is VERY persistent, but in a good way. Bottom line: he's the guy you want at your party, he's the guy you want to be your best friend, he's the guy you want to be your bf/husband. "Bad Boys" are over-rated and a waste of time. Get someone good, get yourself an ANTHONY!
"Sexy hunk of Anthony"
"Anthony's sweet as icing sugar!"
"Anthony: the go-to car guy"
"Shut up and listen - ANTHONY's speaking"
"You've been mind-freaked, by Anthony"
by coolrandomness April 11, 2010
a cool boy ; a brand for shaving cream ; some horny boy
Anthony for men (a shaving cream)
by anjulah May 07, 2006
an amazingly hott guy who knows how to dance and has a big dick according to people i know, anthonys are naturaly good at sports and are verry popular. especially with the ladys.
girl 1;dude did you see that anthony? hes so hott and so good at sports. hes also really popular i herd.

girl 2; yeah i herd that to and he is, i think he has a gf tho.

girl 1; i bet, shes so luckyy.
by iloveanthonyy<3 February 26, 2009
Anthony: A common Italian name with a nickname most related to mobster movies; Tony.

This particular Anthony is a very good one. He is caring, romantic, has a great sense of humor, loves to be around his girlfriend, gives space when needed, closes space when she asks, a very hard worker, strong, supportive, thoughtful, and all around just a wonderful person to be around.

Most people that know a GOOD Anthony say that he is one of the most fun and best friends to have around, whether it's pretending to beat up his guy friends, or making his girl friends laugh and think he's a goof. Everyone loves him or wants to meet him at some point. He also impresses the parents of any girlfriend he's ever had.
Person#1: OMG did you see Anthony today?
Person#2: Yeah! Was he punching his friend into a fence?
Person#1: Nah, they do that all the time at the park, and film it for fun.
Person#2: That's so funny.
Person#1: Yeah, that's Anthony.
Person#1: You know, Anthony has a girlfriend named Megan?
Person#2: Yeah! I hear she loves him to death.
Person#1: Wow, I'm so jealous.
by MiAmour March 17, 2009
An amazing person who is equally attractive. He is the best friend you will ever meet. He also likes donuts.
''Look at Anthony!''
''I know! He's so cute!'
by Ebb- October 29, 2011
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