A boy that cares about you more than himself. He will text you constantly and its cute because it makes you feel like someone is actually interested in you and your life. He gets uncomfortable talking about things that have hurt you in the past like family problems, past relationships, etc.. He likes to kiss you on the cheek when his mother isnt looking, and he definately is the cuddling type. You can lay with him on a couch for hours talking literally about nothing. You can never watch a movie with him because you end up kissing or talking the whole time! Hes a weird person. He likes to make jokes around his friends, but he will always come by you and spend time with you and your friends, but you can tell he gets bored. He has such a great smile. Great eyes too. Great everything. You will fall in love with Anthony. I promise you that, but this one certain Anthony, is mine.
"I really like that Anthony, hes so perfect."
"Yeah, too bad he has a girlfriend."
by RAWRRAWRrawr March 23, 2013
To "pull an Anthony" is to consume such extreme quantities of alcohol that one forgets various events upon sobering up.
"Dude, we had plans, I can't believe you didn't show!"

"Aww, man, I was at that party last night, totally pulled an Anthony, my bad"
by DowntownFeline May 11, 2014
Queen of kearny; One who rules all.
Anthony wears the crown so best listen.

woah anthony gurl-bye.
by sarifa jackson May 04, 2013
A hot sexy guy, used to be super sweet. amazing to make out with and be with. I crave to sleep with him. But such a wuss and a coward. Now is a complete jerk who needs to face reality. Completely rude but has crazy effect that makes a certain girl want to fuck him over and over.

He is so irresistable. I just want to throw him against the bed and do him til he screams.
Anthony is so hot. But so rude.
by girlwholovesanthony January 12, 2012
A dick
Anthony's such a dick
by A44y1234 November 10, 2014
Junkie-Ass trap lord. Who smokes a lot of piffery. He hates to get tickled. And he loves to say yeezus. He screams out car windows, and kinda looks like a puppy. And at the end of the day he's a fag. He does a lot of bad deeds.
Person 1- "dude you know where we can get some piffery?"
Person 2- "yeah, we can go to Anthony's place! He always has piffery!"
by Dickswizzle July 28, 2014
A hot guy. Most of the time smart. Claims to be good at sports, but actually sucks. Most likely Italian. This guy is obviously gay or bi but won't admit it. What a shame he hasn't come out of the closet. He might as well be gay, he doesn't have a shot with any girls anyways. This person is shy and tranquil but at times energetic and horny 24/7.
by 57168a January 14, 2014

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