An asshole who likes to use and abuse women. He tells them he wants to have sex and then breaks up with them when they wont put out. Overall a very big douche
by bitchy666777\ May 06, 2012
A guy who looks and acts like a dinosaur, rawr.
Often laughs at himself and makes stupid jokes.
Easy to be friends with but very awkward, also usually rude and full of himself. Anthonys should be talked to when in need but not too often. They're too amazing to be taken in one dose.
Dude, that Anthony is so chill I can never be around him for too long.
by monicalalalalala September 01, 2011
Anthony a man with a big penis and a bush bigger than a mountain and uses his jizz as hair gel
Anthony "yes" Whats that bulge in your pants "my bush" George bush ? "no"
by ticncae February 02, 2016
a person with a big tummy and a booming voice
Yo momma so big and loud, she's like an anthony.
by legato July 19, 2012
Anthony's tend to be very cute and have flippy brown hair and green eyes. Anthony's usually play hockey are also huge fans of the Boston Bruins. They are anti-Bieber and anti-soccer. Their birthdays are most likely in December and they remind every one of the most important organ in the body, a heart.
Person#1 Did you see that wicked cute guy over there?
Peson #2 Yeah, he must be an Anthony
by bearheart August 01, 2011
A super duper sexy ass man who sits in an art room all day and is super buff and athletic and popular and super duper swaggy. People may call him emo but he's actually just a fucking magical penguin who can't be taken seriously. BOO FUCKING YEAH
Dude your a real anthony

Thanks... i practice
by StickDude9 March 11, 2016
A very buff (Big boned) male that is usually very appealing to girls. He in some cases may be Mexican since that's where the name sounds like. He is not all that interesting, but he can be very witty and always wants the last word. He is also known as being well known by people. Sometimes an asshole, but girls still find him cute anyway.
"Is that Anthony, he got a lot skinnier"
by Skyler Grier June 17, 2016
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