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An asshole who likes to use and abuse women. He tells them he wants to have sex and then breaks up with them when they wont put out. Overall a very big douche
by bitchy666777\ May 06, 2012
10 12
Anthony is a caring, loving, and loyal person. He knows how to make your day with one sentence, and could cheer you up in a heart beat. You'll never really know how amazing Anthony is unless you talk to him. Many people have made the mistake of not talking to him, and they truly do not know to what extent how amazing he is. Anthony is quiet, and collected. However, if you're his girlfriend, you lucky thing, you'd know just how funny and out-going he can be. You can talk to Anthony about anything, he does not judge and loves you no matter what. He'll always be there for you, because that's in his nature to. He could never be mean without a reason, and even when he is mean, he's almost never harsh with his words. He's a peaceful man, but he loves guns.

He's a very humble man, and would never admit to being all these great things. He's perfect. He's the perfect boyfriend, the perfect husband, best friend, anything. He's adorable in every way but very manly. He's a very well balanaced man. His looks equal his personality. He's absolutely handsome, but again, he will never admit to it, because although being very perfect, he is one stubborn man. However, there is no real flaw to him. If you get to know Anthony, and he falls in love with you, you're set for life. Don't ever let go of Anthony, he's yours forever, because he truly loves you.

He's a man that goes by the motto, mean what you say, and say what you mean. He's just the total package. Perfection, he is that definition.
Have you seen Rosie and Anthony together?

Yes! They're so in love it's adorable!

Just like Anthony is!
by RosenéRawrz February 12, 2013
19 1
A boy with rock hard abs that you could break your hand with. Super hot and extremely intellegent. He likes to stay up super late to work on his hot body.
by elleeebelle October 29, 2010
42 24
An Anthony is a very strange creature and is known as the 'unicorn banger'
1: hey man, anthonys banging that unicorn again
2: Aww man, not again!
by mwahahaha! February 14, 2012
20 7
(n.) The sweetest, sexiest, funniest, smartest man I have ever met. Tall, dark and handsome, with a deep voice that often bursts out in impromptu song. He is a total sci-fi and fantasy nerd, but not enough to be annoying. His family is very important to him and he is fiercely loyal to his friends. He writes poetry and is very artistic. He is an all-round awesome guy.
Anthony is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.
by Ur babydoll, Cherry Blossom July 25, 2011
21 12
Anthony has been mentioned as one hunk of a Sex God. He's an amazingly hott guy who knows how to dance and has a big dick according to people i know, anthonys are naturaly good at sports and are verry popular. especially with the ladys.They are crazy gorgeous with so much sex appeal that they're constantly fighting off the ladies.They are genuine and very caring. Anthonys are also very intelligent and can master just about anything (including but not limited to women's' hearts).a super sweet, awesome, and beastly boy who happens to be very hot.Is a fucking boss, plan and simple. when people see him they are like damn that is one fly mother fucker. the rawest mother fucker in all sports except for soccer cause only fags play soccer! He is very reliable and one of the greatest fiends you will ever meet. When it comes to relationships he knows how to treat a lady and is a real smooth talker.
by broski97 May 30, 2011
15 6
A cool guy that has a lot of close friends. Usually calm and collected, but when pissed off, he'll wreck shit up. Likes to joke around, and has many talents like drawing, singing, doing the Jenkins, and so on. When with a group of friends, he will do a lot to keep the conversation on going. He is not a fighter, but if he were provoked enough, he will hurt you. He does not get bothered easily, but if he were to he would write some poetry, or draw and listen to music. He does not really care about what you think of him because karma will hurt those who judge with misfortune. When it comes to his girlfriend, he will give her abundant amounts of love. He likes attention in the relationship, and he deserves as much affection as he gives out. In saying that he will treat her as a queen and will do pretty much do anything to please her. When he is single and finds a girl he likes/loves he will persistently try to get that girl no matter what the effects are. Very charming, very smooth with words, and accidentally flirtatious. He is very puzzling. Very friendly and kind of heart. He is a great help to his friends in any situation. He is great to hangout with and talk to if you have something on your mind and will be your best friend. He is shy at times but that's just who he is.
girl 1: hey, is that Anthony.
girl 2: Yeah, it is he's so amazing i swear, cute and

cunning,and helped me that one time in math.
girl 1: that was sweet of him


Girl: Anthony, hey it's been awhile
Anthony: yeah it has been awhile want to catch up over a

dinner or something
Girl: Sure (I can't believe that just happened EEEK!! :$)
by mirrors-anon11 May 05, 2012
10 2
An awesome guy, that is a bio genius and my unnamed superhero. I make him feel like yoda.. even though thats a really weird way to make some one feel. Also, "one hunk of a Sex God"(because he likes that description of himself). He takes FOREVER to text back and i call him stoopid but he's not. };)
Anthony, Will you go to turnabout with me?
by Kacia25 January 22, 2011
31 23