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An asshole who likes to use and abuse women. He tells them he wants to have sex and then breaks up with them when they wont put out. Overall a very big douche
by bitchy666777\ May 06, 2012
Is a fucking boss, plan and simple. when people see him they are like damn that is one fly mother fucker. the rawest mother fucker in all sports except for soccer cause only fags play soccer! He is very reliable and one of the greatest fiends you will ever meet. When it comes to relationships he knows how to treat a lady and is a real smooth talker.
That kid is a a fucking boss his name must be Anthony!
by bossmastahboss January 07, 2010
A sweet gorgeous guy that can't help but have fun. He is down to earth, playful, and is very caring towards his girlfriend. Anthony means no harm, and just loves to joke around. He is what some might say a hunk. He has a super fine body, loves to play sports, and is good at almost everything. Anthony is a true sex god. He gets horny, and think he isn't much of a flirter. (He gave up trying on this amazing girl.) Though when it comes to people telling him how amazing he is, he denies it. He has actually crushed on this beautiful girl for a while, though they are not going out, he know she likes him. But he is afraid. He generally thinks that if he tells her how they feel she might get hurt, considering he is not quite ready for a relationship.
-Hey did you know Anthony wants to go out with this apparently amazing girl!!

-She really is amazing, she beautiful and pretty and her name sometimes gets mistaken for Megan.

-Oh yeah. Her names just Meg, I remember Anthony telling me that she was his Gem.

-Oh he told me too. How cute is that. They should defiantly go out.

-But Anthony is so fine!

-They deserve each other.
by --Unknown--2709 March 29, 2010
Beautiful heart. Kind, usually reserved about sharing his feelings. Although he is able to communicate well, he feels much more deeply than he speaks. Only those that are close to him will ever really know him. Will see 'it' through even if he is unhappy, his commitment unwavering. Will make many mistakes believing he has made a 'wise' choice. Realizes logic does not bring happiness. Falls in love only once, usually shocking (completely different upbringings) to him. When he does find her, he is relentless in his pursuit. However, it is not calculating, unconsciously he maneuvers his actions to allow himself to be with her. A strong, powerful force, a positive energy, other men are always questioning, "what's so great about Anthony?". Spiritual leader. Excellent lover, very good with his entire body, making women fantasize about him regularly. A very thick, yummy kisser. Anthony is a kind, good, lovely, beautiful, sweet, aggressive, sensitive man with a consecrated heart. Anthony is super sexxy!
Why is Anthony always chasing her?
Don't you know, he is in love with her.
by josh3.1 September 26, 2010
anyone who is generally overwhelmingly positive
Woah, his house burned down, all his family died in a car accident, and he's still positive, he must be an anthony
by Most positive person on earth December 17, 2009
Very hot. Knows how to have a good time. Loving. Italian. Has glassy eyes. Cant wait for anything. A trouble maker.
Wow your so hot. You must be an anthony!
by iminlove<3333 January 03, 2010
Anthony is the most amazing person you'll ever meet! He is a smooth talker, sexy, and cute. he is usually friends with people named josh, scott, jeremy, taryn, andy, eric, and many more! He is part italian, half black,part german, and part irish. He doesn't get along with people named roland or brendon and others. He usually is medium with his popularity even though he could be more popular. He usually likes a few girls until he gets a girlfriend then dedicates to making that one girl happy! He is good when it comes to helping people out with problems and video games! He usually makes friends with popular kids. he is also shy when it comes to girls. He is also a joker most of the time and very technology savvy!
Josh: Hey what's up Anthony.
Anthony: Nothing just being awesome!
Josh: bwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaa

Person 1: Hey is that Anthony?
Person 2: Yeah he's awesome, why don't you go talk to him
by raganok1 May 20, 2010
My name is Anthony, and for the most part the other definitions are true. Although if I'm supposed to be a hunk then why am I still single? I've only had one girlfriend, so I'm not sure how accurate that part of the definition is. It is true though that I am devoted to any girlfriend I get, and yes I love to act stupid. I'm very intelligent, but unfortunately only 25% italian. I hve a very complex mind that no one has ever completely figured out. I'm very good at hiding emotions with other emotions, and I am extremely trustworthy. I'm determined, persistent and yes at times stubborn. I could never hurt anyone, so yes, I was the one to get dumped. I'm very passionate about most things, and I would do anything for a friend. Making people laugh is my favorite thing to do, but sometimes I just like to relax. I wouldn't call myself a good kisser, but I have been told other wise. I'm addicted to kissing and hugging my girlffriend when I get one. Once is never enough. I let the girl decide the boundries for the most part, but I have boundries of my own. I underestimate myself, but if someone else underestimates me I'm sure to prove them wrong. I'm a patient caring guy, but if I do get pushed too far it is best to stand clear. I'm shy especially around girls, and around friends I tend to be a little perverted. I could continue on all night talking about me, but I'd rather hear about someone else. People mise well accept that they will never fully understand me.
I'm Anthony, and I'm the world's biggest puzzle.
My name is Anthony, not Tony. Please don't call me Tony.
by Antonio Labrynth November 02, 2011