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Anthony Lion is a fictional character that has on several occasions featured live on BBC Radio Shropshire. His character originates from a soft toy lion in a crane machine that had a slight resemblance to someone from Big Brother UK at the time, called Anthony.

Anthony Lion features amongst other quirky fictional characters such as:

Wolfmasta Varns, Chimpmasta Varns, Addy G, Ross Wiggum, Slamdunk, Ell Da Peach, Funkmasta J, Judy Mincefield and The Shoe Leprechaun.
"BBC Radio Shropshire Thank you for that request for the monster mash.. from anthony lion in Ditherington - we'll see if we can squeeze it in later"

"Oh shit... i just lost a fucking anthony lion.. IT WAS THIS CLOSE!!"
by The Big Dawg July 24, 2006
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