the second you meet him you will love his attitude and he will always bright up your day. You know you have feelings, even if they're small, but your too scared to admit it to him or anyone.
everyone will want to be with anthony.
by iloveanthony<3 October 16, 2011
A sweet gorgeous guy that can't help but have fun. He is down to earth, playful, and is very caring towards his girlfriend. Anthony means no harm, and just loves to joke around. He is what some might say a hunk. He has a super fine body, loves to play sports, and is good at almost everything. Anthony is a true sex god. He gets horny, and think he isn't much of a flirter. (He gave up trying on this amazing girl.) Though when it comes to people telling him how amazing he is, he denies it. He has actually crushed on this beautiful girl for a while, though they are not going out, he know she likes him. But he is afraid. He generally thinks that if he tells her how they feel she might get hurt, considering he is not quite ready for a relationship.
-Hey did you know Anthony wants to go out with this apparently amazing girl!!

-She really is amazing, she beautiful and pretty and her name sometimes gets mistaken for Megan.

-Oh yeah. Her names just Meg, I remember Anthony telling me that she was his Gem.

-Oh he told me too. How cute is that. They should defiantly go out.

-But Anthony is so fine!

-They deserve each other.
by --Unknown--2709 March 29, 2010
Very hot. Knows how to have a good time. Loving. Italian. Has glassy eyes. Cant wait for anything. A trouble maker.
Wow your so hot. You must be an anthony!
by iminlove<3333 January 03, 2010
anyone who is generally overwhelmingly positive
Woah, his house burned down, all his family died in a car accident, and he's still positive, he must be an anthony
by Most positive person on earth December 17, 2009
Anthony is a caring, loving, and loyal person. He knows how to make your day with one sentence, and could cheer you up in a heart beat. You'll never really know how amazing Anthony is unless you talk to him. Many people have made the mistake of not talking to him, and they truly do not know to what extent how amazing he is. Anthony is quiet, and collected. However, if you're his girlfriend, you lucky thing, you'd know just how funny and out-going he can be. You can talk to Anthony about anything, he does not judge and loves you no matter what. He'll always be there for you, because that's in his nature to. He could never be mean without a reason, and even when he is mean, he's almost never harsh with his words. He's a peaceful man, but he loves guns.

He's a very humble man, and would never admit to being all these great things. He's perfect. He's the perfect boyfriend, the perfect husband, best friend, anything. He's adorable in every way but very manly. He's a very well balanaced man. His looks equal his personality. He's absolutely handsome, but again, he will never admit to it, because although being very perfect, he is one stubborn man. However, there is no real flaw to him. If you get to know Anthony, and he falls in love with you, you're set for life. Don't ever let go of Anthony, he's yours forever, because he truly loves you.

He's a man that goes by the motto, mean what you say, and say what you mean. He's just the total package. Perfection, he is that definition.
Have you seen Rosie and Anthony together?

Yes! They're so in love it's adorable!

Just like Anthony is!
by RosenéRawrz February 12, 2013
The coolest kid youll ever meet, usually has the nickname booguh, and likes too many people.
i love anthony.
by iloveeeehimmmmm April 22, 2009
Anthony is himself; at all times. He is unashamed of who he is. Even if others laugh at him.. he doesn't care. He is reserved and doesn't care to be emotionally expressive. He may seem like he doesn't care, but he does. He does not like deceitful people. He can do without. He is completely and sometimes brutally honest. Honestly is, however, the best policy.

He is analytical and thinks carefully before he gives his opinion on a serious matter. He is loyal. He loves his family and his girl. Even though he could easily be a lady killer, only one lady holds his heart; his lady.
He is extremely handsome and suave. The looks are RELENTLESS. He is mysterious and his personality is as equally attractive as his looks. Girls will throw themselves at him, or try to at least. But as previously stated, his is loyal and committed to his one and only.

He enjoys the thrills of life. He loves motorcycles, dirt bikes, fast cars, etc. He loves to have fun and laugh. He also enjoys treating people and he does when he can afford to do so.

Anthony is just a great person, point blank.... period. If he calls you friend, consider yourself lucky and honored.
Anthony is an Imperfect Perfection
by sockmonkey! November 28, 2011
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