Unique and eccentric, meeting an Annika is like crossing paths with a unicorn; rare, enchanting, and impressionable. Most people never meet her, and go their whole lives thinking she's a myth. Known for her artistic ability and extreme love for music, Annika is often busy day dreaming and stuck in her own little world. She is constantly reading, drawing, or singing. Annika loves all things creative and is highly influenced by nature. Although a bit awkward at times, Annika is beautiful, hilarious, and full of life.
"I think I just met an Annika."

"How do you know?"

"Well, she was standing next to that unicorn over there, and I've never seen one of those before either, so it must be her."

"You're right! I read somewhere that all Annika's ride unicorns. Let's go introduce ourselves!"
by StandOut December 26, 2012
A hooker who likes to watch porn all day and night. Her home is a slut camp. She has no friends but acts like she has a lot of them. Has alot of F's.
Where ya going Annika, to your slut home?
by UrsulaSwag May 12, 2013
A loser or crackhead. Usually blonde and from Albania. Very weird and thinks (s)he is funny. Often has no friends.
Pauline; Im such a loser, i wish i was normal...
Bob: Wow...you are such an Annika
by Mike9012 December 01, 2009

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