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a tall, sporty girl who loves to sing, act and dance. Quite popular and very gorgeous. She has raw beauty, and will never realize, but everybody loves her.
"Annika is so fetch"

I love Annika She is the best!
by Tom Sawyer has swagg May 23, 2011
154 44
1. Lovely and Wonderful
2. The best thing ever
"Look at Annikas little face"
by slothful July 15, 2008
757 194
Annika is a cute little thing with dimples. Usually kind and joyful but sometimes very angry and dangerous. Beware...
Very fascinating and mysterious person. In other words... totally fabulous!
Mike: "Wow... she's awesome."
Bill: "Yeah, she must be an Annika."
by tsirp February 07, 2010
546 225
witty, radiating, lovely creature with big bright eyes and an interest in muscial sounds.
oh, it's was great. it was very annika.
by tzuhr March 12, 2010
352 144
Something amazing.
Gee, that's so annika!
by Randy&Dennis April 06, 2010
280 107
A sporty, tall, blonde girl. She is funny, cute and loves to sing. She is very creative and smart. Extremely trust worthy... but she has a dark side. All her friends love her so she has lots of secrets. She is also a huge flirt, so you don't know what will slip out when she is trying to impress a guy. But all around she is awesome. Defiantly a girl worth dating!
That girl is beautiful, funny, a varsity athlete, has a 4.0, and is super nice! She must be an Annika.
by bootsandboys December 07, 2010
225 83
Dutch Background
1. Very Beautiful
Her name, Annika, reflected her beautiful presence.
by Dark_Horse June 18, 2010
201 74
Unique and eccentric, meeting an Annika is like crossing paths with a unicorn; rare, enchanting, and impressionable. Most people never meet her, and go their whole lives thinking she's a myth. Known for her artistic ability and extreme love for music, Annika is often busy day dreaming and stuck in her own little world. She is constantly reading, drawing, or singing. Annika loves all things creative and is highly influenced by nature. Although a bit awkward at times, Annika is beautiful, hilarious, and full of life.
"I think I just met an Annika."

"How do you know?"

"Well, she was standing next to that unicorn over there, and I've never seen one of those before either, so it must be her."

"You're right! I read somewhere that all Annika's ride unicorns. Let's go introduce ourselves!"
by StandOut December 26, 2012
125 11