witty, radiating, lovely creature with big bright eyes and an interest in muscial sounds.
oh, it's was great. it was very annika.
by tzuhr March 12, 2010
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1. Lovely and Wonderful
2. The best thing ever
"Look at Annikas little face"
by slothful July 15, 2008
Annika is a cute little thing with dimples. Usually kind and joyful but sometimes very angry and dangerous. Beware...
Very fascinating and mysterious person. In other words... totally fabulous!
Mike: "Wow... she's awesome."
Bill: "Yeah, she must be an Annika."
by tsirp February 07, 2010
Something amazing.
Gee, that's so annika!
by Randy&Dennis April 06, 2010
A sporty, tall, blonde girl. She is funny, cute and loves to sing. She is very creative and smart. Extremely trust worthy... but she has a dark side. All her friends love her so she has lots of secrets. She is also a huge flirt, so you don't know what will slip out when she is trying to impress a guy. But all around she is awesome. Defiantly a girl worth dating!
That girl is beautiful, funny, a varsity athlete, has a 4.0, and is super nice! She must be an Annika.
by bootsandboys December 07, 2010
a tall, sporty girl who loves to sing, act and dance. Quite popular and very gorgeous. She has raw beauty, and will never realize, but everybody loves her.
"Annika is so fetch"

I love Annika She is the best!
by Tom Sawyer has swagg May 23, 2011
Dutch Background
1. Very Beautiful
Her name, Annika, reflected her beautiful presence.
by Dark_Horse June 18, 2010

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