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Warrior guild leader of 2 guilds from the World of Warcraft game. Known for her PVP prowess and RL beauty, her account was hacked and she was forced away from the game itself due to being stalked by another player. Known as Anni, Annette, or Annie - she was highly thought of by numerous players and held in high regard by both Horde and Alliance for her respect and assistance to many people within and outside of Azeroth. The original player was found on The Venture Co. server but has since been duplicated by a fake.
Keep it up and I will have Annihalator all over you!

Annihalator!! I LOVE YOU!! -- Inkvine, Stranglethorn Vale "Bloodfest"

Annihalator.. or is it.. Ann-hil-aator? -- Forgottenfri, Venture Co.
by Bonedbyu January 20, 2011

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