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People with name of Annie will definately be a drama queen. Don't be surprised if they are attention hogs. Also very self absorbed! If you can avoid them at all cost good!
Annie is a drama llama
by drama_hater March 11, 2010
55 216
greek name: (meaning) gorgeous, kindhearted, rebelious, gentle towards others.
The dog was walked by an Annie, that gave him delicious treats.
by johnathon milbrow August 07, 2007
2806 948
the coolest and baddest motherfuckin bitch alive. she is known for being fierce and independent, she will kick your ass.
that girl is an annie.
by racergrl21 April 30, 2009
2753 1145
An exclamation of beauty and wonder
check out maddie, she's a real annie.
by anniebaby May 04, 2008
1707 771
The best girl in the world. Super cool, kind hearted, sweet, gentle, beautiful, simply amazing.
Yesss, I fell in love with Annie. Best.Girl.Ever
by deadheadmark February 14, 2010
1105 474
the best muthafuckking bitch. shes hot and sexy and gorgeous. one who thinks shes ugly, but all the guys want her.
omg. shes so annie.
by ohhhemge November 09, 2009
1205 608
hot, sexy, funny, smart, nice, social girl that is popular in a good way and stays out of drama. she's a great friend and is really awesome.
Wowe, she's so Annie. I wish I was like her!
by unknown somebody December 28, 2010
634 261
The most amazing girl you will ever meet. If you get one never let her go shes beautiful even though she doesn't see it. She has the worlds cutest smile and will make you feel like the luckiest guy on earth. And shes also sexy (;
Im glad i found an Annie. Ill never let her go.
by Annie'sGuy January 27, 2011
511 236