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The most beautiful man in the world. Has 8 testicals and wears a smelly French mustache glued to his face to blend in with the normals. He refuses to wear pants and is well known world wide. He wears a creeper cloak during his side-jobjob at Victoria's Secret. He has a very distinguishable face making the hoes in the club scream. People often hear rumors about him and the dinosaur in his pants.
Boy 1:Did you hear about Dexheimer?
Boy 2: Yea he was t.v the other day.
Boy 1: I got a picture of his tyrannosaurus!!!!

Girl 1: I dated Annie Dexheimer and it was the most wonderful thing.
Girl 2: Did you guys do it?
Girl 1: Mhm. Easy to believe, I passed out and had to go to the ER.
Cup: -is a cup-
by HAPPYI3IRTHDAY December 02, 2011

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