1. A Dutch nickname for "Anne": in The Diary of Anne Frank, her father sometimes called her "Anneka." Germanic version: Annika. 2. A strong woman 3. A rising mezzo-soprano in the opera scene

Characteristics: The bearer of this name is often strong-willed, a little bossy, and sometimes smug. But she is also vibrant, social, intelligent, and easily amused - evidenced by her very loud, sometimes embarrassing laughter.
1. Anneka made me visit her wild and crazy friends.
2. I'm sorry, could you repeat that? Anneka was laughing.
3. Have you seen any of Anneka's performances?
by Scholar dePlume April 02, 2013
Very Blond and beautiful. Hilarious with her words, and loves to be random. People love to be around her, she is the life of the party. Always up for anything.
blond,beautiful,hilarious,love, Anneka
by Lenaj August 19, 2011
A very out going down to earth girl. She's absolutely stunning and may or may not realize it. She's very earthly and natural often times to be referred to as a hippy. She has a heart of gold but is not afraid to tell you the way it is. Any guy would be lucky to have an Anneka
Guy 1: Hey did you see Anneka today?
Guy 2: Ya man, she looked beautiful as ever!
by Dutch_princess June 24, 2013
There once was a girl with orange hair,
She had blue eyes, a piercing stare,
Her long, long legs up to her waist,
She was the girl all the boys wanted to chase,
Those child bearing hips and matching box gap,
Her picture on facebook, all the boys would fap,

However, this poor little creature will never find love,
Because shes a creeper, spying from above,
And she also likes to poo on top of people's heads,
Or sometimes she sneaks in to drop one in their beds,
Don't be surprised if you find your cats missing,
She's probably taken it for a good kissing, (meow)

WARNING: Approach Anneka at your own risk.
Hombre 1: "Hey Lance, you know that chick Anneka?"
Hombre 2: "Oh yeah! The one with orange hair? I was fapping over her FB the other day"
Hombre 1: "Yeah I got home last night and she has taken a dump in my bed and sexually abused my cat"
Hombre: 2: "Oh my god."
by broski79ing June 12, 2014

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