Anyone who is a GOP spokespig who permanently menstruates and has never made a valid point in all her years on the planet. She has no real job other than "author", which she feels puts her in a unique place to spout off witless ejaculations and make nonsensical claims about politics. In her book, she may claim to be a Libertarian, but still think that America should be the iron fist of the world which is as anti-Libertarian a stance as possible. Basically, an Ann Coulter is an anti-freedom pig who when asked about the idiocies in the Republican Party, will point the finger at a Kennedy either 1000 miles away or 50 years in the past.
Did you see that nasty pig Jane today? She was saying that religious freedom, freedom of speech, and the other things our country was built on should be thrown out! What an Anne Coulter!
by Half February 12, 2005
OMG Ann Coulter is awesome!

How could anyone not love her?

Attacking her looks is pretty funny coming from a bunch of Demonazis!

A party with ugly bitches like Janet Reno,Hillary Clinton and Diane Feinstein has no room to criticize Ann Coulter's looks!
Go home and bite your crying pillows and sob whilst you take it up the bum from your lover Ramone!
by damned idiots April 01, 2005
Ann Coulter rules.

It's funny how liberals have to attack her looks because they haven't a leg or issue to stand on.
Ann Coulter's books sell big while the tired ol' liberal demoCRAP,doesn't sell well at all.

I find that funny.
misspelling of Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter is the bomb!
by bryan March 30, 2005
A lovely and intelligent woman who is able to thwart all liberal attacks. This is also the woman that I love.
I expect this definition of Anne Coulter (or Ann Coulter) to be deleted by the left-wing bigots on this site; what a suprise!
by I'm Not A Lib March 29, 2005
Constitutional scholar who shreds liberals and their half-baked ideas like a surfer on speed.
The tree hugger started yapping about global warming and Buffy went Ann Coulter all over his ass!
by Riley March 18, 2005
A tell-it-like-it-is, sharp-tongued, conservative thinker. She undermines stereotypes of conservative women who do nothing more than bake and birth children. People dislike Anne Coulter because her finely-tuned analyses penetrate the dark, self-destructive liberal mind, showcasing the absuridty of the left.
I'm a total hypocritical, self-righteous, asinine jerk. Damn that Anne Coulter for pointing out the inconsistencies in my agenda-driven rhetoric!
Hmmm...yes, she does look a little anorexic, I know. But if this pretty blonde genious was fat or even average and medium-sized, you'd still judge her for her looks, wouldn't you?
I feel sorry for Ann Coulter because it's a lose-lose situation for her with the liberal beauty critics.
by NKU Student February 24, 2005
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