Anyone who is a GOP spokespig who permanently menstruates and has never made a valid point in all her years on the planet. She has no real job other than "author", which she feels puts her in a unique place to spout off witless ejaculations and make nonsensical claims about politics. In her book, she may claim to be a Libertarian, but still think that America should be the iron fist of the world which is as anti-Libertarian a stance as possible. Basically, an Ann Coulter is an anti-freedom pig who when asked about the idiocies in the Republican Party, will point the finger at a Kennedy either 1000 miles away or 50 years in the past.
Did you see that nasty pig Jane today? She was saying that religious freedom, freedom of speech, and the other things our country was built on should be thrown out! What an Anne Coulter!
by Half February 12, 2005
1. A stupid, anorexic, 24/7 menstruating and self righteous 'journalist' bitch.
2. The bane of all life.
3. The Anti-Christ.
4. Someone who puts little animals into meat grinders, microwaves, and generally tends to torture things smaller than her/himself.
5. A common synonym for the word 'bitch'.
Example 1
Timmy: "Sally told me that she's gunna light a puppy on fire"
Bobby: "Thats terrible! What an Anne Coulter!"

Example 2
Sam: "My mom told me i can't play WoW anymore because i got an A- on my project! What an Anne Coulter!"

Example 3
Timmy: "Holy Shit! Is that a hideous demon devouring the corpses of virgins while singing the Vietnamese national anthem who shall one day spawn an age of darkness and unlife?"
Timmy's Puppy: "Yes Timmy, thats called an Anne Coulter."
#anne coulter #coulter #ann coulter #bitch #antichrist
by divinechampion November 10, 2007
Anne Coulter is a neo con jingist preacher with her abilities to rip apart liberal belief system is further from the truth no liberal dares to arge with her because she argues like people argue on the internet forum.

Her political analysistically ability is pathetic really pathetic.

OH yes she is against you if you have another colour another ideas another set of opionions. She hates women too.
Anne Coulter is smart and she rips liberals apart while doing the NAH NAH I cann't hear you
by conservativethinker March 22, 2005
A euphemism used by conservatives to define a wet dream
Rex: I had an Anne Coulter last night and it was excellent
Spud: Excellent!
Rex: You can say that again
Spud: Excellent!
#wet dream #conservative #dream #wet #dreamer
by davefromspain January 27, 2008
What Tards write when they are reffering to Ann Coulter
'Anne coulter is such a dick'
'Ummm its ANN, you're the dick,dick'
'For the last time, MY NAME IS RICHARD'
by kimmy booth June 10, 2005
It is Ann not Anne.
The correct name is Ann Coulter, author of many best selling books.
Anne Coulter is incorrect.
#fox news #hillary clinton #godless #church of liberalism #author #lady
by takethathill August 22, 2006
The gorgeous blonde political commentator who gives the truth to you, whether you agree with it or not. She really makes those damn liberals feel it hard.
Anne Coulter is an intelligent, right-winged beauty.
by Straight from E-ville April 16, 2005
She tells the truth and backs it up with fact which of course confuses liberals.

And who the fuck are you liberals calling shrill? You bastards are the epitome of shrill.There's not a sane one among you.Your party's so crazy you put Howard Dean in charge.
Howard Dean says: YEEEEEAAAAAARRGH!!
by hippie killer April 04, 2005
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