a beautiful young girl. Her hair is amazing and everyone loves to talk to her. She is artistic and is perfect at making things. She is confident when speaking to people and is hilarious. She is as crazy as the rest of her friends and all of her friends love her. No one hates Anne, and no one ever will. Her style is perfect and she is perfect and looks amazing in everything she wears. Although she has baggage she knows how to keep her head up and show people how amazing she is.
Sarah: Oh look at my best friend, Anne! She is so amazing and beautiful!

Megan: I know!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!
by sarahlovescupcakesalot October 13, 2011
Top Definition
An attractive and classy young woman who lives up to the simple beauty of her name.
Boy #1: How come you didn't take that hot chick home with you last night to bang?
Boy #2: No man, Anne isn't like that. You just don't dick around with girls like her.
by Justin 243 February 05, 2008
A very cute girl, surrounded by people who like her, mainly into things that people are normally not interested in, has a very interesting personality and an amazing smile, mainly the name of an australian girl, very loveable!
"Damn that australian girl is amazing, that's Anne!"
by Bboy, August 16, 2009
Anne is the most amazing human-being you have ever met.

Wonderful, funny, lovable and entertaining. A being of total perfection. Peolpe who met her will never forget Anne- she will remain in their thoughts and dreams forever.
She is wearing her heart on the sleeve, she is crazy and emotional. Some might call her unstable, i call it perfection. She is the girl that will fly to another state for a house party, the girl who's phone is always ringing, the girl that is always surrounded be caring people, she is the girl that makes a whole room light up with her smile, she is the kind of girl that calls you drunk at 6 in the morning just to tell you she loves you, she is the girl that makes you feel better even on the worst day, she is the girl with the infectious laugh that hangs around the guys drinking beer and watching soccer and she is also the stunning girl that amazes you with her beauty everytime you get to see her. Having an Anne is the most memorable experience a person can ever make. Anyone who has lost Anne knows that there is a huge piece of life missing that can not be replaced by anyone else.
Anne is my lover and best friend
by lars108iLp February 05, 2010
A tall young lady with hair that changes color on a regular basis. Whenever she sees something slightly amusing, she bursts into convulsions of laughter that involve her shaking like she's about to explode, stamping her feet on the floor and pointing to the thing that she finds so hilarious. You can find Ann in her natural habitat, where she will be in a booth usually surrounded by people. You can pick her out of the crowd with her signature catchphrase "fuck my life". But when you get too close you are in danger of her throwing things such as World History textbooks at you or using umbrellas to forcefully hit you in various uncomfortable places, although most times she will simply sprawl across you and decide that moving would simply take too much work. The Anne, though, is a very kind and loving creature, with an impeccable sense of finding fun and adventure, and most who meet her love her to death, and I am no exception.
whoa look theres anne!
by muslimprincess January 29, 2009
You'll surely get trapped inside the countless lovely things that the name Anne brings. Clearly a smart but sexy, there but not there type of girl. Someone who listens to her drunk bestfriend at the middle of the night and would still find a way to make HIM feel safe with her soft words. Someone who brings life to a group every single day. Trust me. Friendly as always. Anne is clearly a girl who would take her flaws and turn them to gifts and would still have the strength to show them to the world. And the great thing about the name Anne is that everyday,there are even more reasons of why to love her rushing in. It could be the way she talks, walks, laughs and even the way she eats:) There aren't enough reasons to hate this person. So for every Anne out there reading this, i just wanted to let you all know how lucky we are to even have someone like you. Especially me.
by ninja23sfriend December 18, 2010
1)Vivacious, lively, wild.
2) Holds an audience in her clutches with her emphatic gestures, storytelling and sassiness.
What an Anne.

No one can do can do it like an Anne can.
by hee hee.. gotcha back February 04, 2010
Any female with the ability to butcher others simply by looking at them. Evilly.
"Why is Joe hemorraging on the floor?"
"It was Anne. She disapproved of his actions and subsequently butchered him with her knife gaze."
by JiggsNibbly February 05, 2010
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