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Unique, nerdy, and cute, Annastazia will get along better with guys than she will girls. She likes attention and loves being in bookstores. Usually a bit dark and moody.
I saw Annastazia hiding at Borders today.
by FeltTeeth February 06, 2010
Annastazia, this person is too extraordinary for words alone. This dictionary has no meanings to fully capture her beauty. Annastazia is undeniably different, shes sweet like every other but more, shes pretty like every other but more and I could continue saying "but more" and never describe her true beauty. All in all Annastazia is someone you get but don't get, but youll be willing to try...... for your whole life.
Boyfriend: "I dont think I understand Annastazia"
Friend: "So i'm guessing you'll spend a month trying"
Boyfriend: "Ill spend my life"
by heelloheartsalot March 12, 2015
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