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probably one of the prettiest girls in the world. she's funny, amazing, and can hold a long relationship. she can be mean if you agravate her. they usually have an electric personality and a great zest for life. she usually have more guy friends then girls. she can cheer just about anyone up. she can be a bit emotional. she loves to show her creative side whether she knows she has it or not. she's usually a social butterfly. and you'll fall in love when your eyes meet.
Do you remember annalisa from high schoool? shes beatiful. i loved her.
by blahblahblake January 08, 2010
a female that is a very nice,caring person and people adore her and enjoy her company
but too confused of life; which causes
hurt to others and herself;
people are offten become afraid of her
Annalisa: i love u...

Joe: i love u too...

Annalisa: i think...


Annalisa: huh???
by iamkool July 28, 2008
A name, seemingly reserved for only the most graceful and gorgeous of girls. When imagining an Annalisa, imagine all the beguiling charm and allure granted to the goddess Aphrodite and mix it with the radiance and grandeur of every star that has ever shone and the silky, warm feeling one associates with particularly fine chocolate. Next add an ever-present smile, one that could shine amidst any crowd or be the center of attention on any stage, and a pinch of a certain finesse and poise that could rival the splendor of even the brisk dance of fall's first fallen leaf. That image, that epitome of beauty, would only be fractionally as lovely as any Annalisa out there truly is.
Her name must be Annalisa; no girl that enchantingly adorable would have a name less perfect.
by AdvocatedNonsense February 12, 2015

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