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probably one of the prettiest girls in the world. she's funny, amazing, and can hold a long relationship. she can be mean if you agravate her. they usually have an electric personality and a great zest for life. she usually have more guy friends then girls. she can cheer just about anyone up. she can be a bit emotional. she loves to show her creative side whether she knows she has it or not. she's usually a social butterfly. and you'll fall in love when your eyes meet.
Do you remember annalisa from high schoool? shes beatiful. i loved her.
by blahblahblake January 08, 2010
a female that is a very nice,caring person and people adore her and enjoy her company
but too confused of life; which causes
hurt to others and herself;
people are offten become afraid of her
Annalisa: i love u...

Joe: i love u too...

Annalisa: i think...


Annalisa: huh???
by iamkool July 28, 2008