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Annah is a young lady who is quirky and cute. She's beautiful and very humorous. She knows she's not perfect but tends to take it to far and all she will see are her flaws which make her beautiful. Sometimes she likes to be alone and other times she likes to be with people. Either way it will satisfy her enough to make her smile. Her taste in music is very unique. The beach is her home and the first snow makes her giggle from excitement. Likes boys but tries not to focus on them. They tend to be let downs and she likes things that will uplift her. Gorgeous on the inside and out. Gentlemen watch out. Once you have her don't let go of this beautiful gorgeous spontaneous cute and quirky girl.
Sam: "Annah's laugh is adorable!"
Ben: "yeah I know. Ah I can't seem to get her out of my head."

Nate: "I know. Something about her just makes you so happy to be around her. I love it!"
by Mysteriousgum August 17, 2011
Annah is quite self-conscious, but brave at certain points. The name itself means 'God has favored me' so Annah is quite religious. Annah is very loyal but shy. Also name of an indie band in America called "Annah Anti-Palindrome".
Whos Annah?
I dunno.
She seems nice.
by senilegoldfish24 April 24, 2011
A classic character. The sunshine to life. Not to be mistaken for a best friend, more of a classroom acquittance. Spends a lot of time in bubblewrap and playgrounds. Enjoys top buttons being correctly fatsened. Doesn't like eating away from home.
That Annah has hair like a heffalump.
by subwayafterschoolonwednesdays April 24, 2011
Annah is a very fun, beautiful, smart, and sweet girl I couldn't imagine life with out her.she is a cheerleader the knows how to make me smile even when I'm down. If it wasn't for 2015 homecoming I might not have ever met this beautiful girl I call my best friend~Adam Tanner
Annah is super cute ~Adam Tanner
by Smooth Adam t February 02, 2016
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