Although she was a troubled person, she is dead and should be treated with respect. You should always treat the dead with respect. It shows the big man upstairs you understand life. Now all you jerks who wrote terrible things about her can think about that.
Rest in peace Anna Nicole Smith
by skylarskank June 18, 2008
Anna Nicole Smith (born Vickie Lynn Hogan) (November 28, 1967 – February 8, 2007)

Playboy model (1993 Playmate of the Year), GUESS girl, Pop Culture icon, Mother and a Goddess to some of us. And the best thing that will happen to you.

Known for being a "gold digger" and mistaken for a bad person and/or bad mother, when in reality she's probably the most amazing woman to walk this earth and she loved her children (Daniel and Dannielynn)

Some of the most iconic catch phrases you say today were probably made up by her.

She was featured in PETA ads, and had a dog called Sugar Pie so she cared for animals too.

She starred in lots of movies that will give you many heart-attacks.

Since she is God, if you are reading this, you should repent. And I will pray for your sins. Also, you shouldn't say her name in vain.
Gay1: Hey, do you believe in God?

Gay2: I believe in Anna Nicole Smith.
by ANNAonymous (Anna Warrior) April 14, 2014
Airhead who has a 'staggering illeteracy', who has to marry old dudes, with old balls to get ahead in life.

See also Dumb Blonde
by The Omnipotent Seal March 30, 2003
Anna was a beautiful vivacious soul with some serious baggage. The lovely guess model was lucid, coherant, and sweet. She had a difficult time coping with her problems. She turned to drugs and alcohol. Eventually her addictions to drugs and alcohol consumed her life. She became a public spectacle. People viewed her as a joke. She was never really able to completly clean up her act. She died with negativity surrounding her name. What a shame.
Anna nicole smith was judged unfairly.
by Joy Joy February 13, 2007
A woman of good taste
Anna Nicole Smith: I want pink on the walls, and leopard on the ceiling.

Anna Nicole Smith: Friiillly PPPiiinkk
by Franz-Alexis March 23, 2008
found dead in her hotel room on february 8th, 2007
"hey wtf happened to that crazy blonde bitch, anna nicole smith?"
"who cares?"
by mashayekhi February 09, 2007
A women who's known for shameful sexing drug taking ways

a gold digger who married an old rich man than the slut inherited his money while his rghtful heirs get none.

And left her baby (because of a drug over dose) behind with people who know they'll have possession of the money until she becomes an adult

Anna Nicole Smith is a selfish mother because she left her baby behind, a pill popping slut, and a gold digger, whom never the less is appreciate by young school aged white girls. women get bad reputations as sluts(not that I'm stereotyping but it's just common)Black ,
but you can see see girls gone wild commercials'
and the 'Next(tv series)'on mtv. where that girl said that she liked to urinate in public
by empress raptor April 10, 2007

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