Sleeping your way to the top.
My hoochie friend thinks if she gets a bigger boobs, she'll finally get her chance to pull off the good old Anna Nicole Smith.
by Brandonmf December 17, 2008
died yesterday 8. feb 2007. we STILL dont know what killed her. medies think drugs, pills or suicide.. the queen of bad selfasteem as well as good.

not surprising then.. just a question when
hey you know anna nicole smith died yesterday ?

YEAHH but i wonder why!
by ripanna February 09, 2007
one word ... dumbass
said drunkenly unstage at an award show by Anna Nicole Smith - Like My Body!?!?
by Voiceofgod_08 October 22, 2005
A trailer trash hick who got big boobs, married a billionaire oil lord aged about 90, and went into the Guinness World Records book for the biggest age difference in a wedding. When her husband died she pretended to care and inherited millions of dollars which should have been given to whoever was in his will before she came along.

Recently died of a drug overdose. I know I speak for a majority of people when I say I feel no sympathy whatsoever towards her. But it is unfortunate for her young baby who will have one interesting and depressing upbringing.
*Anna Nicole Smith* - ooh look at me im going to do drugs because i think it makes me looks cool (dies)

*rest of world* - LOL
by MrSlideways February 09, 2007
A fatass woman who gets her clothes from the arts and crafts section in Wal*Mart.
Is that Anna Nicole Smith eating those puppies?
by Bz June 19, 2003
someone who has 2 names in case she forgets one of them
Anna Nicole Smith went totally wacko at the MTV awards
and even started stripping
by LINDAR June 02, 2006
Gives white trash a bad name.
Don't get me started on Anna Nicole Smith!
by Gahmuret July 09, 2006

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