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Josh dumped her cuz he found out what she did with nick. She lied to josh many times and he has known for a while and tried to get her to admit it or atleast say she did slmething other than just lie.. Oh and she told everyone the situation josh is in.. And her mom said harsh things to him.. It's not her buisness.. Other than the fact that he blasted Anna on twitter, he didn't use any names either...
Josh was warned about Anna. Anna is heartless. Josh is happier now than he will ever be with her
by Oh my god josh April 12, 2013
A beautiful, curvy, shy but amazing girl. She loves the beatles and will do anything to help someone. If any boys ever meet an anna you HAVE to stick with her as she will make your life very happy.
Anna is Simply amazing
by ad jd c jvdjskfk s jf December 30, 2013
The most intriguing and spirited person you'll ever meet. A hard worker yet fun loving and on-going person. Anna tends to stand out in a crowd, as she is unique and different compared to the average person, however, this quality only makes men desire her more. Anna is typically a man pleaser and is exceptionally well in bed.
Anna makes my dick happier than a tornado in a trailer park.
by Lienad9 July 06, 2013
An okay looking girl with big bright eyes and a round face. Very curvy. Must be the center of attention at all times and doesn't feel comfortable with others in the spotlight. Almost TOO confident and shouldn't be. Tries to fish for compliments. Insecure but tries not to show it, and when feeling insecure discreetly insults those close to her to make herself feel better. Doesn't hide emotions. Like the kind of friend Alison Dilarentis is from Pretty Little Liars. Loyal to close friends. Don't make her angry or she'll say some mean things. Argues and is very determined when she doesn't get her way. Infectious smile and when she's happy, your happy. Always makes you feel like you need her, but she doesn't need you. When she tells you a secret, it makes you feel special, always leaving you wondering, mysterious
Anna S was in a good mood today, so I was too!
by Bballboi February 17, 2014
Anna is a north Texas town that is average size but used to be an acronym for "aint no niggers allowed" thus spelling Anna. But now since the first black guy named Tyrone Tomtom moved there in 1967 so the kkk in the background secretly changed the acronym t "all niggers now allowed." So now its full of black people and has a secret burial site fo the famous Tyrone Tomtom but no Anna dweller can find it.
Anna is filled with dumbass rednecks who actualy thing there was a Tyrone Tomtom.
by shadowwolf278 May 09, 2011
Usually dates a Bradley
Anna and Bradley are going to the prom together! They've been dating for 4 years!
by MzzBouncy December 30, 2011
1. She loves sex
2. She loves to get drunk
3. she loves sex.
Girl: hey man, what did you do last night?
Guy: Anna
by tea-and-cake-please September 28, 2011