A bitch who is stupid but smart who nicks all your food but somehow u still like her for some reason.
That bitch is such Anna
by Butch green May 31, 2016
A woman who is nice to everyone.
Anna doesn't badmouth people.
You will rarely see her mad though, it would have to be for a good reason only.
She is an honest, sincere, kind girl. She adores her family,
respects all. She's not a mean person and if you knew
her you would know exactly how sweet and beautiful she really is.
Anna is probably spending time with her family.
by done writing April 18, 2013
A beautiful, curvy, shy but amazing girl. She loves the beatles and will do anything to help someone. If any boys ever meet an anna you HAVE to stick with her as she will make your life very happy.
Anna is Simply amazing
by ad jd c jvdjskfk s jf December 30, 2013
A girl that's pretty, talented,and smart. Kind of bipolar but still can be nice. Somewhat of a slut but usually pretty cool. Hates guys named Jerome. Loves guys named Bryan. Makes you want her more than you have ever wanted anything.
Dude:Look, it's Anna.

Other Dude: I know. She is so... Special
by BosS July 01, 2014
Verb: to run away from your date and pretend like you don't know them.
I Anna'ed that girl so hard last night.
by MichaelWestin May 13, 2014
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