a lowlife exhibitionist whose only talent was disrobing
Anna nicole smith is taking off her clothes again
by Jael Betis May 13, 2008
Where a person lines up a bunch of guys and 1 woman and gives oral sex to all the guys. Then the person saves the semen in their mouth until the girl is next. The person spits the semen into the girls vagina and tells her "Good luck finding the father."
"I made a deal with Jeff that i would give Stacy an Anna Nicole Smith if she got drunk. Dude that would ruin her reputation as the non sluttiest girl in the school."
by devon page April 22, 2008
Anna Nicole Smith is some lady who married an eighty year old amish person with old timers just to get 250 million $$. Not for love. Money. You dont friggen marry someone and spend the rest of your life with them so you can get those new Jimmy fucken choos... oops, getting off track.
On The honey moon: While grandpa drooled and tried to get a boner, Anna Nicole Smith got breast implants, a face lift, orange paint spewed all over her, a dye job, new jimmy choos, a rainbow dildo (since her lover ran out of viagara), and a kid from Tanzania
by Renaa August 15, 2006
see also SHAMU
Anna Nicole Smith has some huge Knockers!
by <3 lindsay July 18, 2004

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