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A wonderful mother, caregiver, friend, and overall human being. A woman who works hard and loves with all of her heart. A faithful, spiritual kind, fun loving, strong, smart and amazing woman who deserves everything in the world. Someone who has the pleasure of having an Anna Jo should keep her very close to their heart and never let her go. She is your defender when you need it most, she is a shoulder to cry on, she is my mother by birth, my friend by choice who I love with all my heart.
My sister and I are blessed to have Anna Jo as our mother.
by Bizzer1991 April 29, 2013
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AJ is the most self sacrificing woman I know. Maternal, thoughtful, handy, loyal, reliable and her strength is inspiring.Oh and she's hilarious!
Anna Jo is the most self sacrificing woman I know.
by RBau July 23, 2013
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