See Cunt
To use the words of Yoda: A cunt, Ann Coulter is.
by honestmike October 24, 2012
Scifiscientists in North Korea have successfully cloned one of these pieces of pond scum.

They have named it "CLUNT".
"Me nam iss Weedo Fookyoo.
We mak fellow Mellican hateress inna doll form.
We use grapfroot for adam apull.
Mellican call ting ann coulter.
We call new ting CLUNT after original."
From Middle English: Annye (being warm and smooth) Coullentre (having vile or rank-smelling appendages).

A mythical hosebeast from ancient Saxon folklore, the "Ann Coulter" was said to be the offspring of Satan and a Viking queen named Hildastank II. She would appear unsolicited in the homes of poor families around the English countryside, raiding the fridge and offering no "thank-you" in return. The Ann Coulter was believed to carry a fannypack containing any number of Coldplay albums, Miley Cyrus DVDs, and other dirty bombs. She was known as "The Ruiner," for her proclivity to lay waste to entire civilizations, whilst leaving an "upper-decker" in the second story lav.
QUESTION: Dude, what the fuck? You're mom is lying dead on the kitchen floor, there's a pregnant cow in the living room, and you have a bottle of Barton's vodka shoved up your asshole base first. What the fuck happened here?

ANSWER: Ann Coulter brah, Ann Coulter.
by Rudyard McDallis November 25, 2010
the most beautiful woman that I want to punch in the throat
i want to punch ann coulter in the throat
by ggd1082 January 02, 2010
a political humorist
Ann Coulter says that liberals hate America more than the Islamic terrorists do.
by Julia Hess May 10, 2005
Winner, ten years in a row, of the largest adam's apple contest.
That Ann Coulter is better hung than a horse, and uglier.
by Sam is a Dick October 25, 2006
Born Dec, 8 1961, Ann Coulter is an American social and political commentator, author of several best-selling books, a radio talk show host, and a syndicated columnist. She has an amazing ability to turn supposedly "open-minded, tolerant" liberal democrats into red faced, blathering, sturrering, cursing, piles of mush. She famously wishes for the day when a woman's right to vote is taken away. Arguing that it would be impossible for democrats to win an election without the single female vote. She calls the Democrat Party "the party of women."
Ann Coulter thinks that John Edwards is a "faggot."
by Stripperfucker October 03, 2009

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