Karl Rove's burlesque-show whore

Speaks poison to unwitting neoconservatives.

The floozy whose dispicability unites both Liberals and Moderate Conservatives. Thank you Miss Coulter.
Ann Coulter is the ugly face of the neoconservatives.
by El_Haggis September 08, 2006
Satan Reincarnate. A waste of life and a worthless bag of bones full of shit up to its eyeballs.

See: Hitler's
"It would be a much better country if women did not vote. That is simply a fact. In fact, in every presidential election since 1950 - except Goldwater in '64 - the Republican would have won, if only the men had voted."
- Ann Coulter

...yeah...she said that....
by jonstewartforpresident October 21, 2006
A vile toxic garbage cunt
Ann Coulter fucks Sean Hannity with her ten inch cock.
n. Psychobitch.

A depressing case of mindfucking, baseless, and hate-oriented propaganda. Logic does not apply.
Ann Coulter raped Hitler's dead body...and only she knows where it is.
by Searing Gash May 24, 2005
(n) A vile, repulsive, inaccurate, devoid, hypocritical terrorist.

Derived from the "self-proclaimed" expert on everything, Ann Coulter. One of the most ignorant conservatives that ever existed, as demonstrated by disgustingly inaccurate and repulsive ramblings. Living proof that many ultra-conservatives are fundamentalist ignorant hypocrites.

This type of humanoid expels unsubstantiated, inaccurate, and vague babble from a "mouth-like" hole in a "face-like" object to promote hatred for and generate fear in anyone who disagrees with them. Intelligent humans are disgusted by this sack of bile.

(v) To spew terroristic, vile, repulsive, hypocritical, unsubstantiated, inaccurate, and/or vague babble while proclaiming to be "The" expert on the subject.
That Ann Coulter at Wal-Mart said anyone who disagrees with him should be executed.

He pulled an Ann Coulter when he said those people should be executed for disagreeing with him.
by Serenity777 August 28, 2009
The combined mucosal/fecal secretion that usually accompanies a bad case of hemorrhoids. The presence of Ann Coulter is usually preceded by insatiable itching and anal sphincter tissue inflamation. The presence of Ann Coulter should not be confused with the presence of Santorum although both terms could be easily interchangeable in casual conversation.
"Oh shit (literally), my hemorrhoids are so bad right now that I'm feeling that unclean feeling of Ann Coulter. Got any baby wipes on ya?"
by ovalbeach September 04, 2008
Only non-lethal in small doses, Ann Coulter is the revolutionary new laxitive* from CuntCo. When you seriously need to blow it out your ass, call CuntCo.

*Warning, side effects may include, explosive diarrhea, projectile vomiting, severe uncontrollable laughter/urination, oily flatulence, Cerebral hemmorhage, and heart failure.
Gee honey, I haven't shit for a week, I'm starting to get worried, Do we have any Ann Coulter in the cupboard?

Here Jack, but remember just a little bit. Your brother Bill took twice the dosage and exploded in his clothes. That Ann Coulter is some high powered bullshit.
by CannabisLecter April 13, 2007
A vile, pernicious, toxic, disgusting, venomous, rat-brained uber-bitch who gives the epithet "cunt" a bad name.

a.k.a. #1 - The pure hell that can be inflicted on society when a planned trans-gender assignment is botched through medical incompetence (check that Adam's Apple - it's as big as a friggin' b-ball).

a.k.a. #2 - The pea-brained illicit love child of Adolf Hitler and Ayn Rand. 'Slander' = 'Mein Kampf' v. 2006.

a.k.a. #3 - The brown residue that occasionally adheres stubbornly to your toilet bowl refusing to wash down the drain even after repeated flushings.
"Honestly Honey, can you just once go to the throne without leaving those disgusting Ann Coulters behind you?"
by Cleetus Awreetus Awrightus November 04, 2006

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