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Karl Rove's burlesque-show whore

Speaks poison to unwitting neoconservatives.

The floozy whose dispicability unites both Liberals and Moderate Conservatives. Thank you Miss Coulter.
Ann Coulter is the ugly face of the neoconservatives.
by El_Haggis September 08, 2006
A know-it-all bitch.
Ann Coulter is a bitch.
Really? I thought she was a cunt.
by ihateconservatives November 26, 2005
Synonymous with the expression "Swift Boat." To insult, assassinate the character of. To spew insults in the form of hateful remarks, such as: "We need someone to put rat poison in Justice Steven's creme brulee." To utter bare-faced lies using a most unpleasant imitation of a Connecticut "élite valley-girl" drawl. Of course, someone should put poison in HER creme brulee, but, because she is a skinny bitch, she'd probably just vomit it out along with all her other hate-spew.
The Fox News pundits constantly Ann Coulter Democrats and Liberals.
I feel quite dejected. I've been Ann Coulter-ed by my girlfriend.
by RMGARR July 25, 2006
A Rush Limbaugh wannabe. A highly conservative bitch who dresses like a hooker, and writes about her view that all liberals are evil (there's bad liberals, sure, but there's a slew of bad conservatives, too), and bashes the likes of Bill Clinton and other liberals... and she supports her fellow anti-Equal Rights crusader, Phyllis Schlafly. Both of these women need some major counseling... and a good whack in the face.
by Lorelili May 25, 2005
Ann Coulter is just a young Bill O' Reilly with tits. (or is Bill O' Reilly just and old Ann Coulter with a dick) This blathering idiot is well past the help that normal
anti-depressant's are able to provide. Yes, the only things that could help this loathesome, insane and pompous creature are a constant supply of methaqualone or a full frontal lobotomy.
On November 8, 2006 Ann Coulter claimed in her nationally syndicated column. "The Democratic Party made pathetic gains in the November 7 midterm elections".
by Daddio478 November 10, 2006
One ANGRY transsexual. Makes a pile of money from spewing venom all over anyone and anything disagreeing with her Hitlerian world views. That she is so rich for spreading so much hate is proof that there is no God. Or at least no JUST God.
Ann Coulter: An adams apple means nothing!
by Right Wing-Leftist November 02, 2006
A rather unpleasant woman who appears on talk shows and spouts average conservative talking points with a healthy dose of invective and vitriol. She also writes books of questionable originality with more of the same. Coulter thrives on attention and is best ignored.
Person 1: Ann Coulter is coming to campus! Let's protest

Me: No, let's ignore her. Then she loses her power.
by duritz February 04, 2007
An ann counler or simply a coulter, Someone, particularly or usually a woman who is so ugly on the inside that it shows on the outside. Also a term for rotting fruit as often fruit rots from the inside out. A bitter or personality challenged person/woman.
Person 1: Ewww, did you see her? She looks like she swallowed a whole barrel of lemons, she looks like ann coulter...
Person 2: Yeah a real coulter

Med Student 1: How was that open ass surgery...the coulter hemorriods we had to watch being extracted?
Med Student 2: Yeah, it was so coulter I felt sick!
by Goodnight Dick November 12, 2006