An ann counler or simply a coulter, Someone, particularly or usually a woman who is so ugly on the inside that it shows on the outside. Also a term for rotting fruit as often fruit rots from the inside out. A bitter or personality challenged person/woman.
Person 1: Ewww, did you see her? She looks like she swallowed a whole barrel of lemons, she looks like ann coulter...
Person 2: Yeah a real coulter

Med Student 1: How was that open ass surgery...the coulter hemorriods we had to watch being extracted?
Med Student 2: Yeah, it was so coulter I felt sick!
by Goodnight Dick November 12, 2006
An amoral horse-faced harpy who frequently spews outrageous hate speech in order to profit from those that the nation's schools tragically failed. Also known to invoke Christianity despite the fact that Jesus would not hesitate to repeatedly back a truck over her.
"Ugh! That was pretty Ann Coulter of you to eat your own young..."
by Darq Gus December 13, 2008
The undisputed queen of cunts.
O man, my girlfriend was totally acting like an ann coulter today.
by Kwame1234 October 09, 2007
The fucking anti-Christ. Proof of the coming of the end of the world. She is a cunt in every sense of the word.
Ann Coulter is a cunt.
by Scared for his life September 06, 2007
1. To have a vagina filled with sulfuric acid and rusty razor blades for walls, and masturbate with a cheese grater while watching videos on the holocaust.

2. A crypto-fascist, vitriolic, tranny ham pundit who fits the qualities of the above definition.

3. Proof that having a Juris Doctor doesn't mean shit in the intellectual category (i.e. being unable to cite sources and having a natural tendency to interview hacks like William Dembski instead of looking at both sides of the argument in an intellectually honest manner, thus leading to intentional confirmation bias)

4. An apologist for every scummy thing to ever come out of the far right.
Ann Coulter: proof that, despite widespread prejudice and persecution, the transsexual community can find cushy jobs within the right-wing punditocracy.
by beazley September 14, 2009
The bitchiest conservative on the planet. The greatest example of someone who would have no sympathy from the world if she was raped or murdered. She will rot in hell with Satan. She is an axis of evil, and is probably on a mock-up Playboy poster of every hard core condervative old man (and some chicks) in America. She hurt Elizabeth Edwards really bad during an interview with Chris Matthews And if John wins the election, I'm sure the first thing he'll do is have her sentanced to death (or that's what I would do.)
Picture a mix of Holly from the Girls next Door, Bill O'Reilly, Hitler, and Jerry Farwell. There you go. That's Ann Coulter.

Don't sue me if you ahve nightmares the rest of your life.
by Miss Em December 29, 2007
A bitch who enjoys 2 girls 1 cup and gets off to 4 girls fingerpaint. She bashes Liberals and non-Christians for no apparent reason apart from inflating her own ego. A little-known fact is that she's a succubus, albeit an ugly one with a huge Adam's Apple because she used to be an incubus. She wrote a shitty book that no one read, because her supporters are too stupid to read. Her book is known in Germany as Mein Kampf.
That Ann Coulter should be hanged, drawn, and quartered. Each of the four quarters should be quartered as well and fed to piranhas. Whatever's left should serve four consecutive life sentences.
by Liberal Pride August 16, 2008
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