A foamy-mouthed screech owl with a heart of rotten apple and a brain shaped like a swastika. Jerry Falwell with better legs.
Ann Coulter's superpower is turning hate into money.
by author August 20, 2006
Someone who is not a nice person. Someone who does not value human life and has no problem calling for the murder of other human beings. Someone who is a fascist bitch and pig who kissed George Bush's ass and calls it ice cream.
Ann Coulter gives fascists and Nazis a bad name.
by MrClean January 28, 2006
a conservitive women who wrote a book called "How to talk to a Liberal if you must".Its a pretty easy book to read and it doesent come up with any new political ideas or things that are revalutionary instead it just bashes democrats like Hitler bashed the jews,gypsys,soviets,blacks,ect in his book mein kampf.it is not uncommon for a conservitive to make slandours remarks about a political party(Aberham lincon used to this alot untill he was chalenged to a duel by a political oppenet then he became "honest abe"). this conservitive women also seems to be consumed by her own ideas or her conservitive viewpoint she either has a an extremely large EGO or and extremly large Super Ego. i suggest she sees a therapist(shes crazy)
read mein kampf and then read her book
by johnyhoff March 04, 2005
A fascist bitch demagogue and troublemaker whose violent hatred and bigotry gives Christianity a bad name just like the Middle Eastern terrorists give Islam a bad name. She became a millionaire by peddling screeds of hatred against religious and ethnic minorities, Islam, gays, and of course , "liberals" (that is, people who don't agree with her sick, twisted satanic philosophy). If you read excerts from her books you can see that she is a violent, extremely hateful psychotic. If you've had history class in college you can see she is similar to Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, and also Slobodan Milosevic - the son-of-a-bitch. She advocates violence against her targets of hatred. She is dangerous. She often has a wild hateful look in her eyes. She needs to be admitted in an asylum and sedated. She is crazy.
Bill: Look at Tony! He's reading that Ann Coulter book again.

George: Tony can't think for himself. He follows any guru who claims to be a Christian. Ain't nothing Christian about Ann Coulter. She's just a plain bitch.
by an American veteran July 20, 2006
like her face, the words and ideas that come out of her mouth are, for the most part, repulsive and disgusting. i like to think of her as the paris hilton of politics - ie; the only reason she's really famous is because she does/says crazy and outrageous things. there is a reason she gets booed off stages and chased away from podiums with pies. (psst...it's because she's a cold heartless bitch)
ann coulter is crazy.
by vith20 June 23, 2006
A bimbo who can state unreliable facts.
Good persuasive speaker however makes several errors on national television.

If she really is conservative, then she would not be stating facts as a liberal. Liberals uprise facts that are being hidden in society, conservatives should not act in such manner. She is condescending to the conservatives because when she speaks about political views, its not really even apparent what side she is on. Undeniably selfish for the attention.

Hates the "french- speaking" canadians, likes "english- speaking" canadians, then all of a sudden "canada should be happy we allow them to exist". So she likes them, but wants to take them over? "Yes but no". She cannot make up her mind.
Close minded, wronfully facted, bimbo- looking: Oh! Ann Coulter!
by exoticass October 01, 2005

Karl Rove's burlesque-show whore

Speaks poison to unwitting neoconservatives.

The floozy whose dispicability unites both Liberals and Moderate Conservatives. Thank you Miss Coulter.
Ann Coulter is the ugly face of the neoconservatives.
by El_Haggis September 08, 2006

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