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Anita Blakes evil twin sister who was separated from her at birth.
Anita Blake: Ill kill you biatch. Who are you?

Anita Baker: Im your sister you whore now lick my cunny or die!
by erumpfanofblakey February 11, 2010
1) A secret underground euphemism referring to the third and final season of the popular Adult Swim original cartoon, 'The Boondocks'.

The term is used to avoid suspicion and copyright infringement by the company Sony, mainly based on the fact that Sony employees flag infringement rights on YouTube videos to compensate for the fact they have extremely small genitalia.
Inner-City Gangsta #1: Yo, man! Did you check out 'the stuff?"

Inner-City Gangsta #2: What stuff?

Inner-City Gangsta #1: Y'know...(whispers) the 'Anita Baker...'

Inner-City Gangsta #2: Aww hellz yeah, homie! That shit was fly.
by Rapmaster M-Dawg April 11, 2010
1. n. Grammy winning r&b singer.

2. adj. cheesy, lame, and/or ridiculous.
OMG! This movie is so anita baker!
by grace! January 24, 2008