A name originated by Greek and Indian mythology, meaning everlasting light. Anisha is usually a sweet, extremely beautiful girl with the most perfect facial features and definitely other features too ;) She's very empathetic and insanely adorable. You definitely want a friend like her. Although, she is fiesty when angry. But, you can't help but find her insanely adorable.
"Hey babe, what's your name?" "Anisha" "Meaning what?" "Everlasting light" "Damn you gotta be perfect!"

"What do you call everlasting light?" "Anisha"
by bitchasspop February 26, 2013
an indian name that means everlasting or eternity.
Anisha is a beautiful name.
by mynameisfreak February 06, 2009
A Hindu names which means everlasting or eternity. Anisha is a really funny and smart person. Chances are she is Indian. She has many friends and knows what she wants to do in her life. Anisha also does not take a lot of crap from people. All in all, Anisha is a lovely, sweet girl most likely waiting for a good guy to sweep her off her feet.
an indian chick named Anisha
by koolkid5555555 November 30, 2010
It is a Hindu female name meaning everlasting or eternity and the person so named is beautiful, pretty, amazingly smart and a very lively and outgoing person who can be crazy at times. She's funny and knows what she wants in life. She does not take crap from anyone and is really nice. She is probably waiting for a good, goofy guy to come sweep her off her feet!
Anisha is an awesome person.

Her name was Anisha and she was amazing.

Anisha can make me smile.
by DreamBIgDreamAlways August 31, 2011
***A Female Name

The name Anisha means either:

1) Light (as in Sunlight)

2) The Destroyer of Darkness

These are essentially the same definitions, but one may be more favourable to the person than the other.
"Hey Anisha, what does your name mean?"
"It means light."
"Yo wussup, Anisha? Wait, what in the name of baby jeezus does yo name even mean?"
"Dude, it means the Destroyer of Darkness, man.."
by anish-nish December 15, 2010

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