Anime Nerd: n. Someone obsessed with abime, who is a total nerd about it.
Anime Nerd examples:
The member with the usernames KAI, Itachi, Garra, and Sasuke on the Gorillaz-Unofficial chatroom
Anyone who watches anime overly often and is obsessed with it
by Lucas Fivas March 12, 2006
Top Definition
usually influenced at a young age by older anime such as pokemon, sailor moon, card captor sakura, and yugioh. (your average popular high school student probably watched two or three of these as a child. they grew up to become obsessed with society's opinions.) an anime nerd is simply someone who doesn't give a shit what other people think and has not lost sight of their inner child. their appearance can range from ugly to the most beautiful girl/guy you have ever seen. they have respect for the art form that is anime. once or twice a year they may spend their time at an anime convention making money or having fun (meeting new people, hanging out with friends, etc.). an anime nerd knows how to enjoy life (unlike some people). an anime nerd could be the person living next door. they could be the bag boy/girl at your grocery store. they could be your high school english teacher. they could be the man/woman you married twenty years ago.

remember, nerds are people too. and the majority of them have lives others are too stupid to accept. haven't you ever heard "don't judge a book by its cover"?
random guy #1: dude i just found out my girlfriend is an anime nerd!

random guy #2: holy shit! what are you going to do!?

random guy #1: ...have sex.

random guy #2: ...

random guy #1: what? she's hot!!
by ananimenerd May 16, 2009
(n.) A person who enjoys watching anime and/or reading manga. This can be anyone you know and intelligence can be at any range. They don't really care what people think about them which leads them to live a happier and better life. Though they tend to be more outgoing because of the way the accept themselves some also may be very shy. To them, anime offers a break from reality, like reading an amazing book but with images instead of words. Things in anime seem much more plausible than in real life. They can enjoy going to anime conventions and cosplaying (for the more extreme). The worst thing anime nerds suffer from is the sterotypes people give them, anyone at all could be an anime nerd. A synonym would be anime freak.
Person 1: Look at all those people taking Japanese!!! I bet they're all anime nerds.

Pretty Girl: I like anime, jerk.
by junegirl621 August 07, 2011
A person who likes anime, manga, or any of the Japanese related animations to a greater or lesser degree.

Anime tends to mainly attract a certain personality, and those personalities can be considered childish and/or obsessed by outsiders. However, personalities of these fans can be anything from the stereotypical cosplayer who sneaks random Japanese phrases into everyday speech with the Inuyasha tattoo, to the straight laced professor who you took for Econ 1 in college.
Guy 1: Check out the anime nerds!

Guy 2: I'm an anime nerd.

Guy 1: Seriously? You don't look it.

Guy 2: Doesn't mean I don't like it.
by kamikazecat June 24, 2009
Well, a lot of people like to classify anime nerds.
The truth is, anime nerds don't need to be classified.
Your average nerd likes to read manga, watch anime (Japanese cartoons), and converse about it.
There's also a possibility he/she likes to cosplay, which isn't shameful in the slightest. Those who criticize extensively should probably be studying.
Do anime nerds care about your opinion? Probably not.

-You have your pervs too, but they're not worth mentioning.
Popular Guy- Hey, look at those anime nerds, they're so stupid.
Friend- Dude, you got a D on your last test. You're not going to make it into college if you don't study.
by Economic rings January 01, 2008
Anime nerds come in all different types. There isn't just one way you can group them.
I am an anime nerd, yes. But that doesn't mean that I insert random Japanese words into my sentences, pretend to be Japanese, and I certainly am able to talk about something BESIDES anime.

You see, there are sensible anime fans out there. You just have to look. Sometimes, you won't even know somebody likes it because they never talk about it. We're not all obnoxious and we don't throw a tantrum when people say they don't like anime.

Please don't group us all into the stereotype being that we're all creepy and stupid. Try to get to know us a little before you decide one anime fan is just like another.
Yeah, I'm an anime nerd. Am I going to talk to you constantly about anime, pretend to be Japanese, and be ignorant about the culture? No.
by Peabrain October 01, 2012
A person that loves anime and spends all his time watching anime to escape the cruel thing called the reality. These people are usually very quiet, shy and unsocial, avoiding people as much as possible and most likely have great personality and intelligence on the inside. Also they don't care what people say or think. So if you know some like this, Accept them as who they are and because they are usually good people.
Anime nerd = anime loving reality hater
by Josh reality hater September 22, 2015
A person who spends a nice amount of their time reading/drawing manga and watching anime or similar Japaneese cartoons. They can sometimes be fun in small doses, but after a while it can be hard to tollerate constant Japaneese references that you don't get... at all. They usually hang around other anime nerds, goths, or anyone who can be labled "different". They often have a small sense of reality, and pretend to not care about other people's opinions about them. They also seems to always be happy, but mosty because ignorence is bliss. Get to know an anime nerd, and they won't stop complaining.
I know from experience, because I dated an anime nerd for 5 months. They are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to date, unless you yourself are one. They tag you in hundreds of manga pictures on Facebook, and make everything far more dramatic than it actually is in order to make reality like anime, which doesn't work. They can also be very immature.
Guy: "Hey you wanna go out?"
Girl: "Sure! ^^"
Guy: "Cool, I think you're really pretty."
Girl: "Awwww, thats soo kawaiiiiii!!"
Guy: "Oh... shit."

An example of finding out that girl is an Anime Nerd.
by uh...hi November 02, 2011
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