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1. A web site originally based on the love of anime, that has now become a useless spamhole.

2. Anime League, the place for e-sex and drama. Half the place is perverted and is about as addictive as drugs.

3. Animeleague, a group of lifeless idiotic noob thirsty perfectionists who believes the higher their post counts the less noobish they are, making them superior to others. They feel the need to flaunt their superiority by going around e-slapping newbies for their retarded ness and for being incapable to spell even the smallest word correctly.

4.A message board dedicated to anime, video games, role-playing, and general other media fabricated from the mind of it’s maniacal dictator-*ahem* “administrator. To be more precise, a place that consists of drama, hierarchy, random shit, and attention whores.
Anime League users.

Pies: :angryman:
Tene: o rly?
Ember: -_-
Nutella: o.o
Free: *banhammer*
Ayami-chan: oi!!
Daili Lama: BOOBIES!!
Soma: o:
Uchiha Itachi : stfu and gtfo
Envy: > > *anal*
by Daili Lama July 26, 2006
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