Meaning excellent.
Also see savage.
That player is an animal at football.
by Mark Keenan April 21, 2004
exclamation. used when confronted with a truly awesome person, thing, or spectacle expressing surprise and appreciation. origin: northwestern states (idaho, washington, oregon, montana) popularity: first appeared in late 1990's with resurging popularity in 2005 in parts of northern california
Person 1: (pulls mad trick on his board)
Person 2: Animal, dude!
by idahoboy September 17, 2006
1) one of Jim Henson's muppets, a hairy beast who only occasionally makes sense.

2) a person who acts like the character "Animal" from The Muppet Show
3) someone who is a weird hairy beast
"If you'd ever seen Aaron fight, you'd know why we call him Animal."

"Wally freaks me out. Seriously, he's just like Animal."
by ihatemuppets84 October 26, 2010
someone who is very experienced in a sexual manner, and is very confident in sed area of talents.
wow he is such an animal!
yeah especially since he has new girlfriend to show off for
by BaBBii Gurll4xx June 01, 2010
Slang, used as an adjective to describe almost anything. Basically takes the place of "dumb" "weird" "idiotic" "annoying" "bad" "unpleasant" "boring" "moron" almost anything negative essentially. It saves you time, and makes you look like less of an asshole.

The term is derived from this method of thinking. Here is an example to help. You observe something that is dumb. If one was to find whatever you think is dumb to be interesting, they would have to be non-human or stupid thus an animal.

Animal can be used in many different ways. If you where to call a person animal you would simply say "He's an animal." If you were referring to an event or place you say "That's animal".

Mainly used in Northern VA and Virginia college campuses.
"That club was animal, they played the worst music."

"The kids who dress up like vampire goths are animals."

"He got so drunk he jumped out a window, what an animal."

"My boss put me on the busiest shift of the night what an animal."

"That party sounds animal, no girls are going."

"Look at how animal her shirt is, its showing off all her fat."

"The whole situation was animal, no one knew what they were doing."
by dmarkuz April 30, 2009
someone who is very SEXUAL and cant keep his hands off his girl

fricken loushman of a animal peepee cows and dogs!!! example freaking love it of a freaking givener penis of a ryan
by loushman December 06, 2005
Animals Are Beautiful. Respect Them. BITCHES.
I Luv Animals, And So Should You.
Stop Eating Animals. They Are Exactly Like U Except Have Fur And Walk On 4.
by Lyn Metzanielizi September 04, 2006
The name of the singer for anti nowhere league. He had a history of fucking odd objects and getting in trouble in the process. He rarely bathed or groomed himself. This partly lead to them being banned by the bbc. So to be an animal means to fuck goats, ducks, cows, men, lewd women, door knobs, horses, etc...
My friend fucked my bed the other day while i was sleeping in it, he's such an animal.
by i.c.weiner February 23, 2005

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