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Refers to a group of people who take everything sexually or in the completely wrong way. They are the definition of Pervy and are known to 'Glomp' people without any warning.
Tsu: Lila...nude pics now.
Lila: *spanks tsu*
Tsu: *enjoys*
Ora: Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap
Wolfy: *Glomps irish*
Irish: *is glomped*
Bo: You all are now my sex slaves.
Anon: SPAM
Angel: Banned.
Tsu: Banned.
Wolfy: Thats what she said.
TenTen: *Moan*
Irish: *Moan*
Ora: *Moan*
Wolfy: Fap Fap Fap Fap
Sleepy: *Moans*
Tsu: BUTTER?!?!
Hai: No homo.
Zero: You guys are gay -_-
Lila: I don't know why im still on Anilinkz...
by Wolfy36 April 23, 2008
A site where the main chat has a bunch of fuck face faggot admins and mods that ban you for no reason. Basically a site you only go to if you have no friends.
Admins: Ace (The only decent guy there and the owner of the site), Inserted (A cunt that manages to injure herself in a daily basis), CodeMonkey (Some fuckface know it all who shits on any anime he can find a reason for. the perfect example of a Weeaboo). basically it defines what Anilinkz is.
by UncleDerp May 15, 2015

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