A sporty, tall, blonde girl with beautiful blue or green eyes. She is funny, cute and loves to sing. She is very creative and smart. Extremely trust worthy... but she has a dark side. All her friends love her and she has lots of secrets. She is also a huge flirt, so you don't know what will slip out when she is trying to impress a guy. But all around she is awesome. Definitely a girl worth dating! She loves hugs, anything artistic, rainy or stormy weather, cute things, boys and sometimes Anika's love too many things. An indecisive girl who'd sometimes agree to something she doesn't really agree with. An Anika is most often shy at first but once she feels comfortable she'll open up and be this laughing machine who says weird things but it's cute. Anika's smile is the best thing in the world, she is almost always smiling or laughing and often puts others before her. So, be careful to not take advantage of her.

Anika's are very loving creatures who love romance and lust, great kissers and tight huggers. Anika's are the type you can go on and on and on about how amazing they are. If you don't have one already, you should definitely find an Anika to make your life better. I'm so glad I found one.
That girl is beautiful, funny, super nice, and perfect! Oh, she must be an Anika.
Anika = Perfect gift

James: hey what'd you get for Christmas?

Mark: A video game, chocolate, a new phone and an Anika!

James: You are so lucky you got an Anika!! I wish I had one of those :(
by MarklovesAnikaforever October 23, 2013
This girl is the sexiest you'll ever see. A girl beautiful, smart, funny and kind. She is generous and only thinks of others. Girls like these are very rare. She is like a goddess. She is a sensitive girl who can be very caring when it comes to loving someone. Once you fall for Anika, there is a part of her in you forever. The one girl you can trust with your life.

Referring to Anika is like referring to perfect.
James: I wish my gf was morel like an Anika..

Ben: I wish Anika WAS my gf.
by missing youu November 27, 2011
The highest self of Kelly Anne. (name)

Female possessing unsurpassed bravery. Heroism and hope for humanity that has the power to pull the breath from my lungs.

One who bears witness to the depths of darkness. She is the spirit that dwells within Kelly Anne who insists on Hope and Belief, persistent light.

Anika: A woman spirit who drives the darkness out of me. One who reminds me to dance.
by Breautiful August 01, 2013
A beautiful girl who is loved by everyone, she is good at making friends and has a very good sense of humor. She is very smart, pretty and very sensitive at times. She is an extraordinary person and is a great friend. She is very caring, kind and has a great personality. She is very emotional and can be tough to handle at some points but at the end of the day she is a loving person to everyone.
John: "Anika is a very beautiful girl."
by By unkown December 18, 2015
The devil herself
Oh my goodness, if I go to hell I will face an Anika in the scaly flesh!
by WooHoo I am here August 27, 2015
a teenage girl who has an uncontrolable obsession with Justin Bieber. She may also claim that she has "bieber fever".
Girl 1: Are you ok?

Girl 2: Ive just got bieber fever cause i cant breath the same air as him

Girl 1: pffft, your such an anika!
by taylah + steph +emzy October 02, 2013
An example of the female specimen, known to possess the following traits:
-Avid roof-runner
-tendency to mispronounce simple words (no r's)
-hair that's a lot like those markers that are one color but then you use the white marker to change it to a completely different color, and you continue to draw until the paper has turned an unsettling shade of brown
-vertigo (add three-inch heels to a sky-scraper height)
-frugal (enlists creepy Buddha eyes to look over her wallet)
I thought you knew Anika already.
by hhhi... March 20, 2011
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