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A boy, not like other boys, who hold doors for women and pull out chairs for their bottoms. Also known as an Ible.
"Oh look! There is Anibal picking up the papers that mean girl just tossed! What a sweet boy!"
by staticbear676 September 29, 2009
Amazing in human form. He is the sweetest person ever and his words will melt you like a sugar cube in hot tea. He is the most unselfish person and will help you out the moment you ask for a favor. He loves the good life and wants to give a little bit of the good life to everyone. He is so optimistic and positive that he inspires you to be a happier person. He is sooooo funny and he always has a joke or witty comment on deck to make you smile. Not to mention his smile can light up your world. It is perfect! He loves his family and friends more than anything so do not mess with them! HE IS A CUDDLER!!! =) so embrace it! He is extremely masculine from his chiseled jaw line to his manly hands. His face and body are straight out of a GQ magazine and yet he is a snack monster! He can snack all day and all night, he don't care! Any lady would be lucky to catch the eye of Anibal. He will make you feel like the most beautiful angel god ever created!
Ex. 1:

Girl 1: Why are you smiling so much? Who are you texting?
Girl 2: Anibal, he just sent me a really cute song ^_^
Girl 1: Stop being gay

Ex. 2:

Girl: I miss you soooo much
Anibal: Lets make like fabric softener and snuggle
by Love MM January 17, 2013
A person who likes to eat especially rare meat. The word is a combination of the words, animal and cannibal.
I think your steak is still mooing. You're such an anibal.
by B-1974 January 16, 2010
The one guy who WILL be there for you even though he won't show it that much or ignores you. Always gives second chances to his friends and will do what he thinks is right for others even though its a bad idea. he's an ass a lot of the time when he's alone but just needs a hug every once in a while and something to punch. Loves cars
Guy 1: hey it's Anibal, he's giving her a second chance

Guy 2: he shouldn't he needs to dump that bitch there more girls in the hood

Guy 1: but he's not like that he's a dick but gives 3 chances
by Werdaweed June 19, 2014
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