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plural form of anus
Congress is full of ani.
by A.Nuss February 14, 2012
A very pretty girl. She is very smart and nice. She is kind and respectful. A wonderful friend. Overall just a beautiful, caring person.
Hey Ani, how are you?
by VShak June 18, 2010
Ani is THE most amazing person in the ENTIRE universe. She will be your best friend, and you can tell her anything. She's always there for you and somehow everything important happens when you're with her.
she is amazing" "she MUST be a Ani
by elliebearrey June 22, 2010
Anis means companion, best friend.
Someone who is totally reiable and trustworthy. It is not a term to be used lightly and you can only have one Anis in your life. It is like your soulmate, you lover. And i am grateful to God that i have my very own Anis
by Adwo January 19, 2004
A beautiful place in acient Armenia, before it was crashed down by an earthquake.
Once the name of a nude beach in Sweden.
Name mostly used by Greeks, and Swedish.
Lets take off our clothing and head up to Ani.
by InnaLepenova November 19, 2008
A legend amongst gamers in quake three arena. One of the best, if not the best, instagib player q3 have ever seen. A player from the (in)famous pRince of Quake clan. He can now be found in the q4 scen. As good as always.
ani, prince, instagib, famous, q4
by cpcpcp August 23, 2006
the hottest bisexual dread locked folk singer riddled with angst ever
ani difranco is amazing
by Sairah Malawista November 15, 2004
A young and handsome young lad who is consistently escorted by women of varying ethnicities. He is also well built, muscular, intelligent, and known for his sexual prowess. May also be used in verb tense to describe the motion of pointing at a girl and instantaneously causing an unconditional orgasm.
Dude, why did you Ani my girlfriend you slut
by newyorkyankee2211 August 07, 2011