A jealous, hateful, crazy psychotic bitch. That has nothing better to do with their time but sit around and plot revenege on the people they imagine have done them wrong.
She just an Angry Bird, she got a problem with everybody including herself.
by kiki1977 March 27, 2013
An addicting iPhone game that really drives you insane when you can't beat that stupid pigs!
Victim: I've been playing Angry Birds for 6 hours bro! Tryna back to real life.
by kntglc February 25, 2012
When you place an unbroken egg in one of your sex partner's numerous holes and fuck it until it breaks in there.
Shrek gave me an angry bird last night, it hurt but I want to please Shrek.
by d1ck_ch0d3s June 09, 2014
While having doggy style with your wife/girlfriend, pull out and as quickly as humanly possible stick in her ass. Then scream i slept with your sister.
Angry Bird with your wife tonight, it's great fun!
by Project Sanctum October 27, 2011
the act of forming ur hand in the shape of a birds beak, and then jabbing someone with said hand, mimicking the action of a bird pecking u and when contact is made u yell out ANGRY BIRD! The only time u can pull this off is when u r trying to converse with a friend but their attention is on their stupid game of angry birds on their stupid iphone. Similar to a "fulmer poke"
I was telling jimmy about my weekend, but all he wanted to do was play angry birds on his iphone. so i angry birded him right in the neck and as he was gasping for air on the floor, not playing his game, i was able to finish telling him about my weekend
by pyro1507 March 31, 2011
An addicting iPhone game (or any other Apple product or something) where they teach young, ignorant children that shooting birds at other animals is NOT an evil thing.
by orderofbarbeq June 17, 2011
During oral sex the male lifts his penis and repeatedly slaps the female in the face with his testicles.
Boy 1: Jill has two black eyes
Boy 2: Yeah heard jack gave her the Angry Birds for 2 hours
by PEANUT3378 June 25, 2011

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