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After a serious fuck session when your partner is passed out on the bed face down, open palm slap their ass as hard as possible. Go retreive a marker and by the time you get back there should be a raised red handprint on their ass cheek. Use the marker to draw a turkey on the handprint like they taught you in school.
"Damn man what happened to you and that chick last night."
"Oh we were fucking and she passed out so I gave her an angry turkey then played COD"
by JimmyDick September 25, 2011
When a woman is passed out and snoring, the man ejaculates into her mouth causing her to gargle the semen producing a turkey like sound. The man then smacks the woman across the face causing her to wake up, look, and sound like an angry turkey.
"Dude, my girl was keeping me up with her constant snoring so i gave her an angry turkey!"
by babykym93 July 29, 2014
when a guy sits on a girls face while she does her best turkey call.
that pirate hooker actaully let me give her an angry turkey
by jason meat underpot February 09, 2006
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