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The fine art of back dooring your partner and slapping their ass until its red, and when they start complaining because of the pain, You yell, " WATCHA

TALKIN BOUT WILLIS". Then they respond, " My name isnt Willis". The Partner on offense pulls out, and sprays an ejaculate arrow into the defensive partners eye (Preferably Right). Act is completed when offensive Partner slaps the Ho upside her head and Yells, "Im Gary Coleman Bitch, Respect".
Dude, I went to the bar and picked up 2 stank ass ho's and pulled an Angry Gary Coleman on one of them while their friend watched and clapped.

This sexual act first appeared in the late 70's and 80s.
Act has become popular again due to re-runs and the passing of the late great Gary Coleman
#dirty sanchez #angry pirate #cleveland steamer #alaskan pipeline #gary coleman
by Dr. Bob Lawla May 15, 2011
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