An African American female who has been exposed to many players, liars, manipulators and cheats that her original gentle loving caring, nurturing, spirit has been demished to a blackened heart, hard exterior and bitter disposition at times to the point of no recovery. (SN: sister you can forgive and love again <BIG HUG>)
Angry Black Woman or Mad Black Woman References:

Tyler Perry Movie - Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Halley Berry

Lisa Rey

Fantasia- With Out Me "Don't give a finger in the middle"

Jasmine Sullivan - Bust the windows out your car
by K-Hov September 08, 2013
Top Definition
Just as the name sounds...
I didn't give my gf her Bingo money. She became an Angry Black Woman.

I looked at that fly sista across the street and my gf became an Angry Black Woman.
by whiteboy7777777 September 16, 2008
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