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Where a man is annoyed at something and Masterbates in an Angry mood.
Lyndol: Did ya beat the anger monkey our yer penis? What ya call it?
Richard: Angerbating? Yes. I beat that little monkey. Right out..
by Mark Jackson. January 18, 2009
6 1
Anger bating is the process of providing a person with something to get angry about.
"Lets get the new guy to call that customer who we disconnected his broadband and tell him that he has overdue accounts"
"Naa, that'd be anger bating.
by annon_coward August 28, 2008
2 0
master bating with so much anger you rupture the penis
anthony was angerbating all night and ended up in the E.R.
by N1iCk November 16, 2010
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