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the actress that many hetereosexual women have said they would have sex with. she has won admiration for her portrayal of strong independent women with an obsessive sexuality that many women can relate to.

possibly the most influential movie idol for the post-madonna generation of young women.
im not a lesbian but i'd probably do angelina jolie.
by imnotangelina March 29, 2004
5171 1066
Prototype of the perfect-looking woman.
Living proof that God wants men to be happy.
A goddess on earth.
Major boner-fuel.
Angelina Jolie is God's gift to men
by HelloSidney May 11, 2008
4533 436
I LOVE HER!! total obbsesion, fucking best lookin girl eva, shes soo gorgeous!!!
OMG i just looked at angelina, ORGASM!!! :)
by liz March 07, 2005
4355 540
Angelina Jolie is the hottest woman alive and i would do her in a heartbeat. she is the only female that can turn me on
I would screw Angelina Jolie
by a_r_i_a_n_a June 16, 2005
3868 560
A bad girl gone good. She cares about people. She is someone we should all try to emulate.
I'm glad she's so kind
by KroSS October 04, 2004
3563 363
the place where heaven meets earth. angelina jolie is a beautiful, sexy, perfect and kind hearted person. she is also a badass actress to boot.
Angelina Jolie is so hot.
by wootwoot1000 September 12, 2009
3188 179
A woman you will never have sex with
Joe: "Oh shit dude, Angelina Jolie is so fucking hot! I'd tap that in a second."
John: "But you never, ever, ever will, Joe. Ever. In fact, by the time you're old enough to even remotely have a shot, she'll no longer be hot. The very fabric of spacetime is stopping you from tapping that ass."
by Bigkahkistan October 13, 2008
2789 237