Actress with a thick lip and big boobs. A woman who think she is one real Lara croft.
you saw her new movie? damn.., that nipples are hot.
by Charles August 02, 2003
an incredibly talented, sexy, hot actress/mother/UN Ambassador/community worker person/whatever the hell else she does...

i am a straight female and i would do her. she is that hot.
Straight Teenage Boy: i cant hang out tonight coz im gonna watch Original Sin tonight so i can see Angelina Jolie naked.

Straight Teenage Girl: Awesome! can i watch with you???
by Windy City Hottie June 24, 2006
only da hottest actress ever. currently datin brad pitt, i gotta admit jennifer anniston is hott, but no1 can beat angelina jolie.
angelina: hotttt hott hotttt
by -0-0 June 06, 2005
Weapon of Man Destruction
Latest casualties to the jolie: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
by Dr Doom June 21, 2005
The exotically beautiful daughter of a washed up Hollywood actor who made a career of being so damn hot and doing weird sh!t like making out with her brother, marrying a moron named Billy Bob, and adopting ethnic children from several poor countries.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt seperating after -- months of marriage (future E! News Online headline)
by jamesdeco January 05, 2006
A self-absorbed homewrecker who used an African country's dictatorial military powers so she could shit her kid out sans the paparazzi (major human rights violation!).

Also French-kissed her own brother in public and carried vials of blood around her neck and agencies actually allowed her to adopt two children (and forces unknown allowed her to have a natural child while more deserving people can't, no matter how hard they try).

Typecast as characters who are off the deep end (life can imitate art, after all!).
So Angelina Jolie does charity work in Africa? BFD! Princess Diana did that 20 years ago!
by Donna D. July 29, 2006
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