Person 1: OMG
Angelica: what?
Person 1: (busy squishing angelica's cheeks) kfkjsdjhasjvbksih
Angelica: ...dude...
Person 1: IT'S. SOOO. SQUISHY!!!
by mackapacka August 25, 2013
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a beautiful italian girl with brown hair. shes the sweetest person you will ever meet, and is never rude to anyone. ever. its sometimes humanly impossible how sweet she is. shes engaged to someone who loves her very much. also, she understands the importance of texting back and will listen to your problems any time you have them. and then tell you what to do about it.
"did you see Maddies best friend?"
"yeah shes an angelica"
by angelicosfiance December 21, 2011
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A sweet smelling, caring, and loving latina with a big booty! She doesn't take crap from anybody and will destroy you mentally and physically if you do so. She is so nice and sweet, you'll want to hug her every moment of your lifetime!!!!! :D Smart, but also a great kisser ;)
Angelica, with her big booty, walked up to me with the scent of starburst and gave me the greatest kiss of all time!
by AngieLover2.5 December 06, 2010
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A girl who has the looks, the smarts, & is really into Paramore & Starbucks. Hanging out with her is the best. Plus, you'll be laughing all the way to Imagination Lane until you get crocodile tears or until water comes out of your nose.
Angelica is so fun to be with that water came out of my nose!
by adamsapol July 22, 2008
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The most beautiful girl in the world. She's a talented violinist. Alot of people hate on her, but she continues on with her true friends that stand by her. Any guy that gets with her better know that they have the best. She deserves the best even if she may not get it. She's broken hearts but they didn't deserve her. She's still searching for her true love.
Girl 1: Angelica is such a b****, I hate her

Girl 2: *Slaps her* B****, don't talk about my bestie like that.
by Fluffy D. June 25, 2011
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An outstanding, beautiful girl. She has many crushes, and a lot of guys want her. Except she is afraid of saying 'I Love You' because she doesn't want to get hurt. She is not a brat, but has many haters, but they only hate out of jealousy. She is smart with many friends, and one of the most amazing friends I have ever had. She is strong, and has good will. She is all for peace. <3 Which is one of the reasons she is known as the "Hippie" at our school.

I love you Angelica. You are my best friend!
Me- Why in this world, are so many people for the love of power.

Angelica- Because our generation has not acted up yet. But once we do, it is not the love of power we will make stronger, but only a new saying, a new feeling, and a new life style: The Power of Love
by BetterIfKeptUnknown December 02, 2010
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A kindhearted girl that loves a good gossip sesh. She is trustworthy if she is your friend but you aren't friends, beware: she can sometimes be a bitch. She's overall a lovely girl and she is dating a Korean named Choi Minho. She has a gorgeous smile and the personality to match. If you ever met an Angelica, go and introduce yourself because you have just made a friend you will keep for the rest of your life. She often be friends girls that have an uncontrollable habit of shaking their head and eyes.
Example 1:
Girl 1: Oh wow, she is really nice!
Girl 2: I bet her name is Angelica.

Example 2:
Girl 1: I made a new friend today, her name is Angelica.
Girl 2: Make sure you don't betray her, there is nothing Angelica's do better than revenge.
by ILUVPANCAKES October 24, 2011
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